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ISCApad #261

Saturday, March 14, 2020 by Chris Wellekens

1    Editorial
2    ISCA News
  2-1    Message from ISCA President John H.L.Hansen
  2-2    INTERSPEECH 2020 dates in Shanghai are moved!
  2-3    Message from the Interspeech 2020 Organizing Committee
  2-4    ISCA social networks
  2-5    Deadline extension for bids Interspeech 2023
  2-6    Code-of-Ethics for Authors
  2-7    Code-of-Conduct for Conference and Workshop Attendees
  2-8    ISCA Archive Analysis: a never ending story!
  2-9    Women in Speech Research
  2-10    Prix de thèse AFCP 2019
  2-11    Bourses JEP AFCP
3    Events
  3-1    ISCA Events
    3-1-1    (2020-10-12) ACM Multimedia, Seattle, WA, USA
    3-1-2    (2020-10-25) Cf Tutorials Interspeech 2020, Shanghai, China (UPDATE)
    3-1-3    (2020-10-26) Cf Show and Tell, Interspeech 2020, Shanghai, China (UPDATED)
    3-1-4    (2020-10-26) CfSS and challenges Interspeech 2020, Shanghai, China
    3-1-5    (2020-10-26) Interspeech 2020 Shanghai, China (UPDATED)
    3-1-6    (2021-08-30) Interspeech 2021, Brno, Czech Republic
    3-1-7    Call for reviewers for INTERSPEECH 2020
    3-1-8    Interspeech 2022, Incheon, South Korea
  3-2    ISCA Supported Events
    3-2-1    (2020-05-11) 1st Joint SLTU and CCURL (Collaboration and Computing for Under-Resourced Languages) Workshop, Marseille, France (MODIFIED DEADLINES)
    3-2-2    (2020-05-24) SProSIG conference, Tokyo, Japan (UPDATE)
    3-2-3    (2020-05-24) The 10th Speech Prosody Conference, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan (UPDATE)
    3-2-4    (2020-07-01) CfP SIGDIAL 2020 CONFERENCE, Boise, Idaho,USA
    3-2-5    (2020-07-01) CfP SIGDIAL 2020 CONFERENCE, Boise, Idaho,USA, Message from the organizers
    3-2-6    (2020-07-01) CfSS SIGDIAL 2020, Boise, Idaho, USA
    3-2-7    (2020-08-16) 1st International Conference on Tone and Intonation (TAI), Sonderborg, Denmark
    3-2-8    (2020-09-21) 11th International Workshop on Spoken Dialog System Technology (IWSDS2020), Madrid, Spain (UPDATED)
    3-2-9    (2020-09-21) CALL for Workshops and Special Sessions for IWSDS 2020, Madrid, Spain (UPDATED)
    3-2-11    The International Conference 'Language Technologies for All (LT4All): a report.
  3-3    Other Events
    3-3-1    (2020-03-18) International Conference on Voice Physiology and Biomechanics (ICVPB2020), Grenoble, France
    3-3-2    (2020-03-22) CfP The AICSE Intern. Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering, Shanghai, China
    3-3-3    (2020-03-31) The Lifelong learning Speaker Diarization Challenge 2020, Valladolid, Spain
    3-3-4    (2020-04-22) ESANN 2020: European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning, Bruges,Belgium
    3-3-5    (2020-05-04) 6th CHiME Speech Separation and Recognition Challenge, Barcelona, Spain
    3-3-6    (2020-05-04) ICASSP 2020, Barcelona, Spain
    3-3-7    (2020-05-11) Industry Track @ LREC 2020, Marseilles France
    3-3-8    (2020-05-11) 13th WORKSHOP ON BUILDING AND USING COMPARABLE CORPORA (BUCC), Marseille, France
    3-3-9    (2020-05-11) LREC 2020, 12th Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation -Marseille, France, (UPDATE)
    3-3-10    (2020-05-13) REPROLANG (part of LREC Conference), Marseille , France
    3-3-11    (2020-05-16) CfP LREC Workshop on Cross-Language Search and Summarization of Text and Speech, Marseille, France
    3-3-12    (2020-05-16) ONION: peOple in laNguage, visIOn and the miNd, Marseilles, France
    3-3-13    (2020-05-24) Workshops associated with Speech Prosody 2020, Tokyo, Japan
    3-3-14    (2020-06-08) *Appel Démos JEP-TALN'20 (JEP-TALN-RECITAL 2020)*, Nancy France
    3-3-15    (2020-06-08) *Appel JEP-TALN?20 (JEP-TALN-RECITAL 2020)* Session Doctorants, Nancy France
    3-3-16    (2020-06-08) *Appel Tutoriels JEP-TALN'20 (JEP-TALN-RECITAL 2020)*, Nancy France
    3-3-17    (2020-06-08) Appel à ateliers Conférence JEP 2020 | TALN 2020 | RECITAL 2020, Nancy, France
    3-3-18    (2020-06-08) CfP JEP-TALN-RECITAL 2020, Nancy France
    3-3-19    (2020-06-15) CfP Workshop on Laughter and Non-Verbal Vocalisations, Bielefeld, Germany
    3-3-20    (2020-06-22) Second ETeRNAL (Ethics and Natural Language Processing) workshop, Nancy, France
    3-3-21    (2020-06-25)Journée de travail du GT2 Intermodalité, multimodalité du GDR TAL - Marseille, France
    3-3-22    (2020-06-29) ACM Multimedia 2020 Call for Multimedia Grand Challenge Proposals
    3-3-23    (2020-07-06) 3rd conference on Second Language Acquisition (RéAL2), Toulouse, France
    3-3-24    (2020-07-09) ACL 2020 Second Grand-Challenge and Workshop on Multimodal Language (Challenge-HML) , Seattle, WA, USA
    3-3-25    (2020-07-15)CfP SIG:Prosodic and phonetic features of speaking styles, Aix en Provence, France
    3-3-26    (2020-07-20) International Conference on Signal Processing and Communications (SPCOM), Bangalore, India
    3-3-27    (2020-07-27) 4th INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL ON DEEP LEARNING, Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico
    3-3-28    (2020-08-09) AILA 2020 CONGRESS: EVALUATING MULTIMODAL DOCUMENTS, Groningen, The Netherlands
    3-3-29    (2020-08-13) Nordic prosody conference, Sonderborg,Denmark (UPDATED)
    3-3-30    (2020-08-24) The 28th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO 2020), Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    3-3-31    (2020-08=31) 1st Call for paper – RO-MAN 2020 Special Session in Dialogue Management Systems for Human-Robot Interaction , Naples, Italy
    3-3-32    (2020-09-07) CfP Text Mining and Applications (TEMA2020) , Lisboa, Portugal
    3-3-33    (2020-09-08 )TSD 2020 - PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT and CALL for WORKSHOPS, Brno, Czech Republic
    3-3-34    (2020-09-08) TSD 2020 - FIRST CALL FOR PAPERS, Brno, Czech Republic
    3-3-35    (2020-09-13) CfP Workshop Cognitive Aspects of the Lexicon (CogALex), Barcelona, Spain
    3-3-36    (2020-09-13) FinTOC?2 shared task at COLING2020, Barcelona, Spain UPDATED
    3-3-37    (2020-09-15?) ADReSS challenge, Shanghai, China
    3-3-38    (2020-09-21)CfP MACHINE LEARNING FOR SIGNAL PROCESSING (MLSP 2020), Espoo ,Finland
    3-3-39    (2020-10-06) SPECOM 2020, St Petersburg, Russia
    3-3-41    (2020-10-16) Third International Workshop on Multimedia Content Analysis in Sports, Seatlle, USA
    3-3-42    (2020-10-25) CfW International Conference on Multimodal Interaction ( ICMI 2020), Utrecht, The Netherlands
    3-3-43    (2020-10-25) ICMI 2020: Call for Multimodal Grand Challenges
    3-3-44    (2020-10-?) The VoicePrivacy2020 Challenge Evaluation Plan
    3-3-45    (2021-01-17) Advanced Language Processing School (ALPS) , Grenoble, France
    3-3-46    52020-06-29) L?école d?été en Traitement automatique des langues (ETAL), Lannion, France
4    Academic and Industry Notes
  4-1    Master Informatique en Apprentissage et Traitement Automatique de la Langue : ATAL. Universités du Maine et de Nantes France
  4-2    Virtual Coaches
  4-3    IEEE CIS Newsletter on Cognitive and Developmental Systems (open access).
  4-4    new Masters program in Natural Language Processing and Data Science - Computer Science, Speech, Language, and Knowledge Representation at University of Lorraine, Nancy, France
  4-5    M.Sc. Program in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Data Science, Université de Lorraine, Nancy (France)
  4-6    General chair and local arrangements chair of SIGDIAL 2020.
  4-7    CfProposals: 2021 IEEE International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing (MLSP)
  4-8    Call for bids eNTERFACE workshop 2020
  4-9    FIAT/IFTA Media Study Grants
  4-10    Conference by Brian Moore, Prof.Emeritus, Univ. Cambrigde, at ENS, Paris
  4-11    FEARLESS STEPS Challenge Phase-2 for ISCA INTERSPEECH-2020
  4-12    (2nd call) FEARLESS STEPS Challenge Phase-2 for ISCA INTERSPEECH-2020
5    Resources
  5-1    Books
    5-1-1    Bäckström, Tom (with Guillaume Fuchs, Sascha Disch, Christian Uhle and Jeremie Lecomte), 'Speech Coding with Code-Excited Linear Prediction', Springer
    5-1-2    Shinji Watanabe, Marc Delcroix, Florian Metze, John R. Hershey (Eds), 'New Era for Robust Seech Recognition', Springer.
    5-1-3    Fabrice Marsac, Rudolph Sock, CONSÉCUTIVITÉ ET SIMULTANÉITÉ en Linguistique, Langues et Parole, L'Harmattan,France
    5-1-4    Emmanuel Vincent (Editor), Tuomas Virtanen (Editor), Sharon Gannot (Editor), 'Audio Source Separation and Speech Enhancement', Wiley
    5-1-5    Jen-Tzung Chien, 'Source Separation and Machine Learning', Academic Press
    5-1-6    Ingo Feldhausen, « Methods in prosody: A Romance language perspective », Language Science Press (open access)
    5-1-7    Nigel Ward, 'Prosodic Patterns in English Conversation', Cambridge University Press, 2019
    5-1-8    J.H.Esling, Scott R.Moisik, Allison Benner, Lise Crevier-Buchman, 'Voice Quality: the Laryngeal Articulator Model', Cambridge University Press
    5-1-9    Albert di Cristo,' Les langues naturelles'. HAL archive ouverte
    5-1-10    Benjamin Weiss, 'Talker Quality in Human and Machine Interaction - Modeling the Listener’s Perspective in Passive and Interactive Scenarios'. T-Labs Series in Telecommunication Services. Springer Nature, Cham. (2020)
    5-1-11    W.F.Katz, P.F.Assman, 'The Routledge Handbook of Phonetics', Routledge.
  5-2    Database
    5-2-1    Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC) update (February 2020)
    5-2-2    ELRA - Language Resources Catalogue - Update (December 2019)
    5-2-3    Speechocean – update (August 2019)
    5-2-4    Google 's Language Model benchmark
    5-2-5    Forensic database of voice recordings of 500+ Australian English speakers
    5-2-6    Audio and Electroglottographic speech recordings
    5-2-7    EEG-face tracking- audio 24 GB data set Kara One, Toronto, Canada
    5-2-8    TORGO data base free for academic use.
    5-2-9    Datatang
    5-2-10    SIWIS French Speech Synthesis Database
    5-2-11    JLCorpus - Emotional Speech corpus with primary and secondary emotions
    5-2-12    OPENGLOT –An open environment for the evaluation of glottal inverse filtering
    5-2-13    Corpus Rhapsodie
    5-2-14    The My Science Tutor Children?s Conversational Speech Corpus (MyST Corpus) , Boulder Learning Inc.
    5-2-15    HARVARD speech corpus - native British English speaker
    5-2-16    Magic Data Technology Kid Voice TTS Corpus in Mandarin Chinese (November 2019)
    5-2-17    FlauBERT: a French LM
    5-2-18    ELRA-S0408 Speechtera Pronunciation Dictionary
  5-3    Software
    5-3-1    Cantor Digitalis, an open-source real-time singing synthesizer controlled by hand gestures.
    5-3-2    MultiVec: a Multilingual and MultiLevel Representation Learning Toolkit for NLP
    5-3-3    An android application for speech data collection LIG_AIKUMA
    5-3-4    Web services via ALL GO from IRISA-CNRS
    5-3-5    Clickable map - Illustrations of the IPA
    5-3-6    LIG-Aikuma running on mobile phones and tablets
    5-3-7    Python Library
6    Jobs
  6-1    (2019-09-04)PhD thesis proposal, GIPSA Lab Grenoble France
  6-2    (2019-09-04) Postdoc proposal, GIPSA Lab Grenoble, France
  6-3    (2019-09-24) VOXCRIM 2019, Ecully France
  6-4    52019-09-05) Post doctoral position at IDIAP, Martigny, Switzerland
  6-5    (2019-09-09) Postdoctoral Research Fellow/Senior Research Fellow, University of Tampere, Finland
  6-6    (2019-09-09) Doctoral Researcher; UNiversity of Tampere, Finland
  6-7    (2019-09-09) Postdoc position at IRIT, Toulouse, France
  6-8    (2019-09-05) R/D position at Zaion, Paris France
  6-9    (2019-09-15) Post-doc and research engineer at INSA, Rouen, Normandy, France
  6-10    (2019-09-20) Poste ATER, Paris Sorbonne, France
  6-11    (2019-09-21) Post-doc/PhD position, LORIA, Nancy, France
  6-12    (2019-09-22) Postdoc position at Grenoble Alps University, Grenoble, France
  6-13    (2019-09-22) PhD thesis proposal at Grenble Alps University, Grenoble, France
  6-14    (2019-10-18) Journées d’étude sur la convergence, LPL, Aix en Provence, France
  6-15    (2019-10-05) offre de post-doctorat au Laboratoire national de métrologie et d' essais (LNE) , Trappes, France
  6-16    (2019-10-15) Post doc Portugal
  6-17    (2019-10-10) Ingenieur de recherche,Lab.national de metrologie et d'essais, Trappes, France
  6-18    (2019-10-13) Postdoctoral Researcher , IRISA, Rennes, France
  6-19    (2019-10-16) Position in Machine Learning/AI at ReadSpeaker, The Netherlands
  6-20    (2019-10-18) FULLY FUNDED FOUR-YEAR PHD STUDENTSHIPS, University Edingurgh, Scotland
  6-21    (2019-10-19) Postdoctoral Scholar, University South California, USA
  6-22    (2019-11-03) Ingénieur de recherche, IRIT, Toulouse France
  6-23    (2019-11-05) Annotateur/Transcripteur H/F at ZAION, Paris, France
  6-24    (2019-11-05) Data Scientist /Machine Learning appliqué à l'Audio H/F, at Zaion, Paris, France
  6-25    (2019-11-25) Offre de stage, INRIA Bordeaux, France
  6-26    (2019-11-15) 13 PhD studentships at UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT), University of Sheffield, UK
  6-27    (2019-11-21) Bourses en études françaises (MA et PhD) à l'université Western, Canada
  6-28    (2019-11-22) Master R2 Internship, Loria-Inria, Nancy, France
  6-29    (2019-11-25) Annotateur/Transcripteur, ZAION, Paris, France
  6-30    (2019-12-02) 2 postes d'enseignant-chercheur, Université Paris-Saclay, France
  6-31    (2019-12-03) Ph studentships, University of Glasgow, UK
  6-32    (2019-12-03) Poste de chercheur au LIMSI, Orsay, Paris, France
  6-33    (2019-12-06) Stage de fin d’études d’Ingénieur ou de Master 2, INA, Bry-sur-Marne, France
  6-34    (2019-12-07) Stage à l'IRCAM, Paris, France
  6-35    (2019-12-07) Assistant-e ingénieur-e en production, LPL, Aix en Provence, France
  6-36    (2019-12-07) 1 year post-doc/engineer position at LIA, Avignon France
  6-37    (2019-12-05) ​Postdoctoral Fellowship,University of Connecticut Health,Farmington, CT, USA
  6-38    (2019-12-08) PhD sudentship, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
  6-39    (2019-12-09) Postdoc , IRISA, Rennes, France
  6-40    (2019-12-15) PhD grant at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK
  6-41    (2019-12-19) Postdoc at Bielefeld University, Germany
  6-42    (2019-12-22) Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Toulouse Jean Jaures, France
  6-43    (2019-12-24) Postdoc proposal, Grenoble, France
  6-44    (2020-01-09) 12-month Postdoctoral research position at GIPSA Lab, Grenoble, France
  6-45    (2020-01-10) Pre-Doc RESEARCH CONTRACT (for 3 months, extendable to one year), University odf the Basque Country, Leioa (Bizkaia), Spain
  6-46    (2020-01-14) Post-doctoral fellow, at Yamagishi-lab, National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan.
  6-47    (2020-01-15) Responsable IA, H/F, ZAION, Levallois, France
  6-48    (2020-01-16) 12-month Postdoctoral research position, GIPSA Lab, Grenoble,France
  6-49    (2020-01-17) 30-month postdoctoral researcher IRISA Rennes, France
  6-50    (2020-01-18) Ingénieur CDD , IRIT, Toulouse, France
  6-51    (2020-01-19) Research engineer, Vocalid, Belmont, MA, USA
  6-52    (2020-01-20) Senior and junior researchers, LumenAI, France
  6-53    (2020-01-21) Ingénieur 6 mois, GIPSA Lab, Grenoble, France
  6-54    (2020-02-09) Fully-funded PhD position at GIPSA-lab , Grenoble, France
  6-55    (2020-02-16) The Federal Criminal Office, Wiesbaden, Germany
  6-56    (2020-02-20) Recrutement de doctorant·e·s - projet comm4CHILD , Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgique
  6-57    (2020-02-22) Fully funded PhD position in Explainable deep learning methods , Uppsala University, Sweden
  6-58    (2020-02-29) Web developer at ELDA, Paris, France
  6-59    (2020-03-03) 15 early-stage researcher positions available within the COBRA Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network, Berlin, Germany
7    Journals
  7-1    IEEE JSTSP Special Issue on Compact Deep Neural Networks with Industrial Applications (updated)
  7-2    ACM Transactions on Internet Technology-Special Section on Computational Modeling and Understanding of Emotions in Conflictual Social Interactions
  7-3    Computer, Speech and Language: Special Issue on Speech & Dementia
  7-4    TIPA- Special issue 'How the Body Contributes to Discourse and Meaning?
  7-5    special issue of Language and Speech
  7-6    IT-Information Technology, Special Issue: Affective Computing, Deep Learning & Health
  7-7    CfP. Special issue Speech Communication: Pluricentric Languages in Speech Technology
  7-8    CfP: Special issue of Computer, Speech and Language on Advances in Automatic Speaker Verification Anti-spoofing
  7-9    CfP : Journal of Phonetics: Special Issue on Vocal Accommodation in Speech Communication
  7-10    JSTSP special issue on Deeep Learning for Multi-modal Ingtelligence across Speech, Language, Vision, and Heterogeneous Signals
  7-11    CfP IEEE SPM Special issue: Non-Convex Optimization for Signal Processing and Machine Learning
  7-12    Call for submission:TAL journal
  7-13    IEEE STSP Special issue: Deep Learning for Multi-modal Intelligence across Speech, Language, Vision, and Heterogeneous Signals (extended deadline)
  7-14    Special issue of the TAL journal on 'NLP and health'
  7-15    CfP IEEE JSTSP Special Issue on Tensor Decomposition for Signal Processing and Machine Learning
  7-16    Special issue of the TAL journal on 'NLP and health'
  7-17    Neural Networks: Special issue on Advances in Deep Learning Based Speech Processing
8    Recent Theses
  8-1    George P. Kafentzis, 'Adaptive sinusoidal models for speech with applications in speech modifications and audio analysis'
  8-2    Xingyu, Na, ' Personalization of HMM-based Speech Synthesis'.
  8-3    Tuomo Raitio, 'Voice source modelling techniques for statistical parametric speech synthesis'
  8-4    Bart Penning de Vries, 'Computerised Speaking Practice: The Role of Automatic Corrective Feedback in Learning L2 Grammar´
  8-5    Prasanna Kumar Muthukumar, 'Towards Integrated Acoustic Models for Speech Synthesis'
  8-6    Stephen Bodnar,'Affective L2 learning experiences and ideal L2 selves in spoken CALL practice'
  8-7    Andreas Windmann, 'Optimization-based modeling of suprasegmental speech timing'
  8-8    Catharine Oertel Genannt Bierbach, 'Modeling Engagement in Multi-Party Conversations'
  8-9    Hardik B. Sailor,'Auditory Representation Learning'
  8-10    Philipp Aichinger, 'Diplophonic Voice - Definitions, models, and detection'
  8-11    Yun Wang, 'Polyphonic Sound Event Detection with Weak Labeling'
  8-12    Omid Ghahabi, 'Deep Learning for i-Vector Speaker and Language Recognition'
  8-13    Neeraj Kumar Sharma, 'Information-rich Sampling of Time-varying Signals'

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