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Sunday, October 07, 2012 by Chris Wellekens

6-38 (2012-10-10) Dolby Research Beijing looking for world-class talent!

Dolby Research Beijing looking for world-class talent!


Be part of the exciting future of entertainment and add your talents to those of an amazing team. For more than 40 years, Dolby has led the way in developing innovative entertainment products and technologies used by consumers and professionals worldwide. Innovations from Dolby can be heard in consumer audio and video products, entertainment software, and professional sound applications, including music recording, broadcasting, and sound for motion pictures.

Our company philosophy encourages creativity, collaboration and a strong focus on creation, development and delivery of innovative technology solutions that enhance the entertainment experience. Our team-oriented research environment offers the opportunity for market-savvy innovators to apply their theoretical knowledge, awareness of technology trends and alertness to emerging market opportunities to help create technology solutions that are broadly applied in the marketplace through Dolby’s global market reach. We offer great benefits, including an assortment of life insurance and health coverage options, and the opportunity for innovators to make a difference and to experience the satisfaction of seeing technology solutions to which they contributed, in the marketplace!



Senior Research Engineer

(Audio/speech algorithm architecture and design)

Dolby Sound Technology Research, Beijing




Position Summary


This position is in the Research Organization of Dolby Laboratories ( and is located inBeijing, China. The senior staff research engineer position focuses on the creation of audio signal processing technologies including the whole range of research from the underlying theoretical concepts to the development of prototypes that provide a proof of concept. As a part of an international team, the senior staff research engineer will work on ideas exploring new horizons in the audio processing, analysis, replay and organization. The researcher is responsible for performing fundamental new research, transfer technology to product groups, and draft patent applications. The position includes project leaderships for projects being part of Dolby’s global technology initiatives. This requires efficient interactions which different functional divisions within the company. The position also requires the mentoring for more junior staff.


Dolby Laboratories is looking for a self-motivated, highly talented individual interested in applying his or her skills in technologies involving a fundamental understanding of the way that sound sources (audio and voice) are captured, manipulated, coded, delivered, enhanced and played back using digital signal processing techniques. Applications include pre-processing, coding and post-processing solutions in market areas such as consumer electronics, mobile, broadcast, PC and digital cinema applications and other technologies crucial to Dolby Laboratories’ success. The position involves working in cooperation with other technology developers/researchers within Dolby’s global research network, and the opportunity to propose new ideas for further investigation.



Education, Skills, Abilities, and Experience Required


  • M.S.E.E. (required) plus 3 years of applicable, hands-on commercial experience (strongly preferred), or Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (desired) plus 3 years of closely relevant academic post-doc Research and Development experience
  • Demonstrated ability to create fundamentally new, novel (patentable) signal processing technologies and to envision applications those technologies in the form of innovative product solutions
  • Strong innovator
  • Project leadership skills
  • Mentoring skills
  • Experienced in global project and collaboration work
  • Proficient in advanced theory and application of audio signal processing techniques
  • Highly skilled in C/C++ language and Matlab programming
  • Team-oriented work ethic and interest to work in cross-continental teams
  • Strong personal interest sound technologies and in learning, researching, and creating relevant new technologies with high commercial impact
  • Independent, self-motivated worker requiring minimal supervision
  • Fluent in Chinese and English. Excellent communication skills
  • Good understanding of general acoustics


Strongly Desired


  • Experience working in a software development team, including software version control tools
  • Real-time windows programming
  • Real-time audio processing
  • Willing to do occasional international travel
  • Personal interest in audio in entertainment applications


Please send your English and Chinese resume to


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