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ISCApad #172

Sunday, October 07, 2012 by Chris Wellekens

6-34 (2012-09-07) 4 positions as Google's Dublin office as Speech Linguistic Project Managers
There are four temporary positions opening at Google's Dublin office as Speech Linguistic Project Managers for French, Italian, German and Spanish (see description below). The role would suit someone with an advanced degree in (Computational) Linguistics (Master's degree or Ph.D.) and a native speaker of one of these languages.
These positions were recently advertised on the Linguist List ( where all the relevant information can be found. A description can be found below as well.
Job title:
Speech Linguistic Project Manager (French, German, Italian, Iberian Spanish)
Job description:
As a Linguistic Project Manager and a native speaker of one of the target languages, you will oversee and manage all work related to achieving high data quality for speech projects in your own language.
You will be based in the Dublin office, managing a team of Data Evaluators and working on a number of projects towards Speech research: ASR, TTS, and NLP
This includes:
- managing and overseeing the work of your team
- creating verbalisation rules, such as expanding URLs, email addresses, numbers
- providing expertise on pronunciation and phonotactics
- building and maintaining a database of speech recognition patterns
- creating pronunciations for new lexicon entries, maintaining the lexicon
- working with QA tools according to given guidelines and using in-house tools
Job requirements:
- native-level speaker of one of the target languages (with good command of the standard dialect) and fluent in English
- keen ear for phonetic nuances and attention to detail; knowledge of the language's phonology 
- must have attended elementary school in the country where the language is spoken 
- ability to quickly grasp technical concepts
- excellent oral and written communication skills
- good organizational skills, previous experience in managing external resources
- previous experience with speech/NLP-related projects a plus
- advanced degree in Linguistics, Computational Linguistics preferred
- also a plus: proficiency with HTML, XML, and some programming language; previous experience working in a Linux environment
Project duration: 6-9 months (with potential for extension)
For immediate consideration, please email your CV and cover letter in English (PDF format preferred) with 'Speech Linguistic Project Manager [language]' in the subject line.
Email Address for Applications: 
Contact Person: Linne Ha
Closing date: open until filled

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