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ISCApad #172

Sunday, October 07, 2012 by Chris Wellekens

6-11 (2012-06-11) Speech Recognition Scientist at Sunnyvale

Job Description


Speech Recognition Scientist




Regular, Full-time, Exempt

We are a well-funded start-up with cutting-edge speech recognition with a disruptive technology platform applicable to a variety of markets and environments for spoken dialog interaction.  With an exciting mix of evolving speech-enabled products, we offer excellent opportunities for 'rock star' scientists to grow and share in our success.  We offer competitive compensation, excellent benefits and an ultra-creative work environment. 

We are currently seeking a talented speech recognition scientist to join our hands-on team developing our platform spoken dialog interactions. The ideal candidate has a proven track record for optimizing speech recognition performance. This work includes creating the necessary scripts and tools to experiment with novel algorithms to optimize recognition and natural language understanding throughout all stages of a multi-modal dialog system. Among others, you will be asked to work on statistical language modeling, as well as language model and acoustic model adaptation.



Develop tools and enhance algorithms that facilitate deployment and tuning of spoken dialog systems

Analyze speech recognition performance andimplement solutions to provide optimum accuracy

Use, improve and create research tools to create, update and optimize language models and speech recognition systems for multiple domains

Evaluate and develop different language modeling and rescoring based on machine learning algorithms

Document language model development and adaptation process

Work with the team to design future product releases


Required Skills & Experience

Ph.D. or Master’s degree in computer science, electrical engineering, comp. linguistics, or equivalent

Speech and/or language processing background (in research and/or industry)

In-depth scripting experience with Python, Perl or similar

Ability to own and drive experimental definition, investigations and ultimately be responsible for the speech recognition performance

Passion for solving difficult problems

Strong planning and communication skills

Strong analytical and problem solving skills and ability to troubleshoot issues



Background in natural language processing, machine learning and/or computational linguistics

Programming experience in C/C++

Qualified candidates are encouraged to send your resume and cover letter to   Fluential, LLC, is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  To learn more, please visit us online at


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