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ISCApad #295

Monday, January 09, 2023 by Chris Wellekens

6-37 (2022-11-21) Machine Learning engineer@Vivoka, Metz, HFrance




Vivoka is a global leader in voice Al technologies founded in 2015. Thanks to its VDK (Voice Development Kit), Vivoka offers an all-in-one solution that enables any company to create its own high­performance, secure embedded/offline voice assistant in record time. Vivoka has won several innovation awards and has established leading partnerships with major players in the voice market. Vivoka has a portfolio of about 100 customers from all major industries and is pursuing its goal of bringing people closer to technology through voice.




Aspartof theR&Dteam,youwillbenchmark,develop,integrate anddeployour future embeddedMLtechnologiesfor the speechandnaturallanguageprocessing applications.


Roles & Responsibilities

  • YouwillworkaspartofapassionateandcollaborativeR&Dteamspecializedin embedded ML technologies.

  • Youwillhavetheopportunity to publishscientific papersandcontribute to international patents.

  • Youwillattendworldrenownedconferences.

  • Youwillparticipateinallaspectsofprojectsincludingproposingideas,data collection/analysis,literature review, prototyping and development.

  • Youwillhavetopresentyourworktothecompanyinavulgarizedway.

Job's Requirements

  • YouholdaMaster/EngineerdegreeorPhDinMachineLearningwithinterestin


  • Youkeepyourself up-to-date withtherecentmethods andtechniques in applied deep learning and machine learning.

  • Youarecomfortablewithreadingscientificresearchpapersaswellasdiscussing and implementing them.

  • YouhaveexpertisewithMachineLearningframeworkssuchasPyTorchand TensorFlow.

  • YouhaveexcellentskillsinatleastPythonorC++.

  • You'vealreadycreatedproductionreadycomplexmodels.

  • Youmayhaveexperiencewithresearchordevelopmentforembedded/edge devices.

  • Youhavegoodanalyticalandsyntheticalskills.

  • Youareindependentinyourwork.

  • Youarecapableofvulgarizingcomplextopicsandpresentingthemtoateam.

  • YouhavegoodcommunicationskillsinEnglish(Frenchisnotmandatory).



The advantages of the job

  • Youwillbepartofagrowingproject,andbeoneofitspillars.

  • AtVivoka,autonomyandtrustareimportantvalues.

  • Everydayisanewchallenge,youwillnot experiencemonotony.

  • Eachprojectisaninnovation,youevolveinacrazyandstimulatingenvironment.

  • AtVivoka,wemakeeveryeffortforouremployeesandtheirwell-being.

  • Youwillbelocatedin Metzwhichisstrategically locatednear the bordersof France, Luxembourg andGermany.

  • Youwillhavecomplementaryhealthinsurancebenefits.

  • Youwillhavecomplementarymonthlymealvouchers.



If you are interested in the position,

send your documents to



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