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ISCApad #295

Monday, January 09, 2023 by Chris Wellekens

2-7 Obituary for Anne Cutler (1945-2022)

Obituary for Anne Cutler (1945-2022)


In early June, Professor Anne Cutler suddenly passed away shortly after having fallen ill on a trip to the Netherlands. As many of you know, Anne Cutler was a highly valued member of ISCA, and received ISCA's highest honour, the ISCA Medal for Scientific Achievement 'for charting the variation of speech perception across languages, and for her leadership in the field of speech perception research', in 2014.


Since June, a number of written testimonials and events focused on Anne Cutler and the impact she had on our scientific community, but also on science in general. Some of the more prominent ones are:


I hope that these testimonials cover some of the multiple facets Anne has brought into our community; thanks to Isabel Trancoso, Cathy Best and many of our Australian colleagues for having shared them.


Sebastian Möller

ISCA President



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