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ISCApad #295

Monday, January 09, 2023 by Chris Wellekens

4-17 Call for reviewers ICASSP

This year there has been a significant increase in the number of ICASSP submissions, and as such we would like to solicit additional reviewers to help with the review process.

Please help us by nominating new reviewers through this form:

Candidates may either self-nominate, or be nominated by others.
In order to be eligible, suitable candidates must have published previously in ICASSP/Interspeech, and satisfy at least two of the following criteria:
- Hold a Ph. D.
- 1 Journal article as first author
- 100 citations (on first authored papers)
- 3 ICASSP/Interspeech/ASRU/SLT or major NLP conference papers as first author
- Recommendation by IEEE Senior Member or Fellow

We would also appreciate it if you could forward this request to other members of the speech research community.

Rohit Prabhavalkar.
(On behalf of the IEEE SLTC conference committee)

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