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ISCApad #295

Monday, January 09, 2023 by Chris Wellekens

6-4 (2022-07-21) Research Opportunity at INESC TEC / LIAAD, Porto, Portugal

Research Opportunity at INESC TEC / LIAAD, Porto, Portugal
Natural Language Processing / Machine Learning

Funded PhD position, fees covered during the period of the grant

Develop Machine Learning and NLP algorithms and tools to identify, formally represent and reuse narrative structures from textual sources, with a focus on journalistic texts and medical texts in Portuguese and other languages. The focus is on NLP algorithms and tools for extracting and understanding content.

Work description
We are looking for a highly motivated Master to join the team of researchers of the Text2Story project and to do a PhD that will extend beyond the end of the project. The topic is Extraction of Narratives from text. The selected candidate will work with INESC TEC's Machine Learning and NLP / NLP team and will have the opportunity to work in a dedicated and young environment, in close interaction with researchers, doctoral and post-doctoral students working on varied Machine Learning topics, information extraction and computer science. The candidate must be motivated to collaborate on other projects on time.

Academic Qualifications
MSc. in Computer Science / Data Science / Mathematics 

Minimum profile required
Programming experience, Statistics, publications in NLP/Text Mining

Preference factors:
Good background in Mathematics. Involvement in previous research projects and publications

Minimum requirements:
Knowledge in Maths, Learning /Data Mining. Knowledge in programing languages mainly Python and C/C++. Strong will to pursue a PhD. Excellent academic background.


Application deadline


Alípio Jorge


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