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ISCApad #295

Monday, January 09, 2023 by Chris Wellekens

4-5 The new ISLRN Web Portal is now open (ELRA)

Press Release – Immediate

Paris, France, March 23, 2022

The new ISLRN Web Portal is now open.

ELRA is happy to release a new version of ISLRN (International Standard Language Resource Number) web portal.

In order to improve the performance of the portal, with an up-to-date technical infrastructure, ISLRN was ported into latest versions of Django and Python frameworks. Consequently, the website design was also adapted to make the navigation and the functionalities clearer and faster for users.

Some of the main design changes currently are:

-          The main page now offers an extensive description of ISLRN and a single click button to request for an ISLRN number. Subpages can now be viewed from the top menu at all levels of the portal;

-          The search tool that allows for looking for resources “by ISLRN” or “by resource name” has been combined into one single search box with predictive typing function and is also accessible at all levels of the portal;

-          Expressive icons allow users to locate the functionalities in a more intuitive way;

-          Language Resources description pages are better structured and the ISLRN ID of the resource may be copied directly from the Language Resource description page;

-          Functionalities of management pages (both for users and administrators), such as profile pages or user internal submission pages are improved.



The ISLRN (International Standard Language Resource Number) is a unique persistent identifier to be assigned to each Language Resource. The establishment of ISLRNs was a major step in the networked and shared world of Human Language Technologies. Unique resources must be identified as they are, and meta-catalogues require a common identification format to manage data correctly. Therefore, Language Resources should carry identical identification schemes regardless their representations, their types and their storage place (hard drives, internet or intranet).

To find out more about ISLRN, please visit the website:

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