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Saturday, July 10, 2021 by Chris Wellekens

3-3-26 (2021-09-06) TSD 2021 CALL FOR WORKSHOPS AND DEMONSTRATIONS, Olomouc, Czech Republic


The twenty-fourth International Conference on Text, Speech and Dialogue (TSD 2021)
              Olomouc, Czech Republic, September 06-09, 2021


The TSD 2021 Organizing Committee invites you to submit proposals for
workshops and demonstrations using forms given below.

The TSD 2021 conference will be accompanied by one-day satellite workshops
and demonstrations on topics related to the general theme of the conference
with organizational support from the TSD organizing committee.


The role of workshops is to provide a setting for focused, intensive
scientific exchange among researchers and engineers interested in
a specific topic. As such, workshops are the primary venues for the
exploration of emerging ideas as well as for the discussion of novel
aspects of established research topics. Recommended workshop length is half
day or full day.


The role of demonstrations is to provide an extensive amplification of
papers presented at the TSD or stand-alone demonstrations of software or
hardware. Demonstrations offer an opportunity to showcase not only a novel
technology (software & hardware) but also interactive applications of
learning algorithms, dialog and conversational AIs, learning from
demonstration, real-time visualization of learning models etc.

Interaction with the audience during the demonstration is a critical
element. Therefore, the creativity of demonstrators to propose new ways in
which interaction and engagement can fully leverage this year's conference
will be particularly relevant for the selection. Recommended length of
a demonstration is 15 minutes up to  an hour.


The TSD organizing committee requires proposals for workshops and
demonstrations on research topics of interest to TSD 2021 attendees.
For more information regarding the conference topics please visit the
conference website here.


The workshops and demonstrations will take place in physical and/or virtual
form, depending on the situation with COVID-19.

We do hope to be able to have a physical conference. Nevertheless, we can
confirm that, in any scenario, TSD 2021 will provide the opportunity to
participate virtually and with a reduced registration pricing that factors
out local costs (e.g. coffee breaks, lunches, social events). This applies
also for workshops and demonstrations.


April 18, 2021 ........... Deadline for workshop proposals
May 31, 2021 ............. Deadline for demonstration proposals

September 06-09, 2021 .... TSD 2021 conference time

Earlier proposal submission is highly preferred for the workshop
propagation to be included in the conference Call for Papers and on the
conference website.


TSD 2021 does not offer separate workshop and demonstration fees. All
participants are expected to register at the main conference. All main
conference participants can attend an open workshop. However workshop
organizers can set a separate fee..

For more information regarding the conference fees visit the conference
website here.


Workshop and demonstration proposals can be sent via the submission form


Each workshop and demonstration proposal will be evaluated according to the
relevance of its topic, the expertise and experience of the workshop
organizers, and the workshop's potential for attracting participants and
generating useful results.

At least one author of each accepted proposal must register and attend TSD
2021 in order for the workshop to be accepted and the summary of the
workshop published.


All proposal submissions will be subject to review by the TSD organising
committee. After the notification of acceptance, the submitters will be
contacted for the practical details. In order to include the selected
submissions to the conference a full registration of the submitter is
recommended before the deadline for submission of contributions to the
conference, i.e. April 18, 2021.


Faculty of Arts, Palacky University, Olomouc
Biskupske nam. 842/1
77900 Olomouc
Czech Republic


The preferred way of contacting the conference organizing committee is
writing an e-mail to:

    Ms Lucie Tauchenova, TSD 2021 Conference Secretary
    Phone: +420 730 851 103

All paper correspondence regarding the conference should be addressed to:

    TSD 2021 - Katedra informatiky a vypocetni techniky

    Fakulta aplikovanych ved
    Zapadoceska univerzita v Plzni
    Univerzitni 8
    CZ-306 14 Plzen
    Czech Republic

    Fax: +420 377 632 402 - Please, mark the faxed material with large
    capitals 'TSD 2021' on top.

 TSD 2021 conference website:

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