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ISCApad #154

Friday, April 22, 2011 by Chris Wellekens

5-1-1 Spoken Language Processing

Spoken Language Processing, edited by Joseph Mariani (IMMI and
LIMSI-CNRS, France). ISBN: 9781848210318. January 2009. Hardback 504 pp

Publisher ISTE-Wiley

Speech processing addresses various scientific and technological areas. It includes speech analysis and variable rate coding, in order to store or transmit speech. It also covers speech synthesis, especially from text, speech recognition, including speaker and language identification, and spoken language understanding. This book covers the following topics: how to realize speech production and perception systems, how to synthesize and understand speech using state-of-the-art methods in signal processing, pattern recognition, stochastic modeling, computational linguistics and human factor studies. 

More on its content can be found at

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