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ISCApad #205

Wednesday, July 08, 2015 by Chris Wellekens

1 Editorial

Dear ISCApad readers,

For most of us, the decision to participate to Interspeech is made and the slides or posters are under preparation. I wish good and inspired work to the authors and will be  happy to meet them in Dresden. The most hectic days are approaching for the organizers and I would like to thank them for the exceptional relations we had for the diffusion of information. In particular, I appreciate the 'updates' along which they shed light on  the historical contributions of Dresden and Germany to speech processing.

In the message of our president, the names of the 2015 ISCA medalists is revealed: we can all congratulate them for their work and action to the benefit of speech science. The names of the new elected members of ISCA board are also unveiled: it is my pleasure to congratulate them and to confirm that as an ISCApad editor, I will collaborate with them to the best of my abilities.

ISCApad welcomes announcements in English but also in other languages (mainly in French). This time, the French community invites to answer a questionnaire on the role of ethics in speech processing (section 4.12 of this ISCApad). I would like to draw the attention of all speech researchers to the importance of this topic that, up to me, deserves a dedicated session for a future conference.

Due to short holidays, next ISCApad will be issued a week later (around August 18th). I wish you all to have the opportunity of a break before our major event in Dresden.

See you all at INTERSPEECH 2015!

Chris Wellekens

Eurecom (France)

ISCApad editor

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