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ISCApad #194

Monday, August 04, 2014 by Chris Wellekens

2 ISCA News
2-1Message from our vice-president Haizhou Li

Dear ISCA Members,


Welcome to the August edition of ISCApad!  First of all, let me wish many of you a wonderful summer!


In the past months, ISCA members have contributed to the preparation of INTERSPEECH 2014, as authors, reviewers, organizers, volunteers and cheerleaders. Your contributions have made a difference to the conference!


As INTERSPEECH is only one month away, I trust that you are gearing up for the event. I would like to give you a heads up.


All tutorials are on Sunday (14 Sept). The Main Conference runs from Monday (15 Sept) to Thursday (18 Sept). Please be reminded that ISCA General Assembly is on Tuesday (16 Sept) and Conference Banquet is on Wednesday (17 Sept). The Board will announce ISCA Medalist 2014 and ISCA Fellow Class 2014 during the Opening Ceremony.


INTERSPEECH 2014 will be held at MAX Atria @ Singapore EXPO which is just one metro (MRT) station away from Singapore Changi International Airport. Embracing the theme ‘celebrating the diversity of spoken languages’, the conference will feature many innovations. You can only experience the excitement by joining the event. Please register online by 20 August 2014 to enjoy the standard registration rate.


ISCA Board looks forward to welcoming you in Singapore!


Haizhou Li

Vice President, ISCA

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2-2Interspeech 2013 abstracts and papers

The abstracts of Interspeech 2013 papers are now accessible on our Website at

 The full text of papers can be reached by the members only on

Wolfgang Hess, ISCA Archivist

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2-3Videos of Interspeech conferences
Video archives are available in 
where keynote speeches from IS 2007, 2010 and 2011 can be seen. Very soon we will have 
the material for IS 2012 as well.
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