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ISCApad #187

Saturday, January 11, 2014 by Chris Wellekens

1 Editorial

Dear members,

Together with the board, I wish you a very active, productive year 2014 that brings you a lot of professional and private satisfactions of your wishes and hopes.

This month, in addition to the President's message, we have a message from Martin Cooke, ISCA Board Member with responsibilities for Publications and Archive to inform ISCA members on behalf of the ISCA Board about the possibility of free access to ISCA publications and archive. We encourage and welcome your opinions, comments and suggestions.

Have you notice that in our section 'ISCA events', every month an Interspeech 2014 Newsletter is written by Anthony Larcher from I2R , Singapore. Thanks to him for making  Singapore even more attractive.

I must apologize for the apparent disorder in the chronology of section 'Other events'. We are currently working to automatically reorder the events according to their date and some  announced for April and May are listed after those announced for December! Please check the whole list if you search for a specific event.

Happy New Year!

Professor emeritus Chris J. Wellekens

Institut Eurecom

Sophia Antipolis




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