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ISCApad #172

Sunday, October 07, 2012 by Chris Wellekens

5-3 Software
5-3-1Matlab toolbox for glottal analysis

I am pleased to announce you that we made a Matlab toolbox for glottal analysis now available on the web at:


This toolbox includes the following modules:


- Pitch and voiced-unvoiced decision estimation

- Speech polarity detection

- Glottal Closure Instant determination

- Glottal flow estimation


By the way, I am also glad to send you my PhD thesis entitled “Glottal Analysis and its Applications”:


where you will find applications in speech synthesis, speaker recognition, voice pathology detection, and expressive speech analysis.


Hoping that this might be useful to you, and to see you soon,


Thomas Drugman

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5-3-2ROCme!: a free tool for audio corpora recording and management

ROCme!: nouveau logiciel gratuit pour l'enregistrement et la gestion de corpus audio.

Le logiciel ROCme! permet une gestion rationalisée, autonome et dématérialisée de l’enregistrement de corpus lus.

Caractéristiques clés :
- gratuit
- compatible Windows et Mac
- interface paramétrable pour le recueil de métadonnées sur les locuteurs
- le locuteur fait défiler les phrases à l'écran et les enregistre de façon autonome
- format audio paramétrable

Téléchargeable à cette adresse :

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5-3-3VocalTractLab 2.0 : A tool for articulatory speech synthesis

VocalTractLab 2.0 : A tool for articulatory speech synthesis

It is my pleasure to announce the release of the new major version 2.0 of VocalTractLab. VocalTractLab is an articulatory speech synthesizer and a tool to visualize and explore the mechanism of speech production with regard to articulation, acoustics, and control. It is available from .
Compared to version 1.0, the new version brings many improvements in terms of the implemented models of the vocal tract, the vocal folds, the acoustic simulation, and articulatory control, as well as in terms of the user interface. Most importantly, the new version comes together with a manual.

If you like, give it a try. Reports on bugs and any other feedback are welcome.

Peter Birkholz

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