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ISCApad #158

Thursday, August 04, 2011 by Chris Wellekens

1 Editorial

Dear Members,

ISCA offers a new service. From now on, you may watch video and slides from previous events from our website. Dertails are given below. I invite you to take advantage of this Video Archive.

The annual major event for ISCA members is definitely Interspeech that will open this year in Florence Italy.

During this conference, the board organizes the general assembly and we can meet and discuss about how ISCA works, how it should continue and why not congratulate the members of the board for their work in favor of the speech community. Be attentive to the dates and places of this important meeting.

I am also happy to announce that  I will be present to hear all good and bad words about ISCApad.

See you all in Florence

Professor emeritus Chris J. Wellekens

Institut Eurecom

Sophia Antipolis, France

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