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ISCApad #277

Saturday, July 10, 2021 by Chris Wellekens

3-1 ISCA Events
3-1-1(2021-08-30) Interspeech 2021 Agenda (updated)

 June 10, 2021 (midnight CET)    Travel grant application deadline

  • June 18, 2021    Travel grant notifications sent


Dear Interspeech participants, dear speech community,

We have reached an importnant milestone: our technical chairs are sending the paper acceptance/rejection notifications today. We received 1985 submissions that we sent out for review, of which 966 were selected for presentation at the conference - thank a lot to everyone that submitted high quality papers!

The Technical Chairs experienced problem with emails to some countries and institutions - in case you await decision of your paper and have not received it, please check the status of your paper in the START system and check instructions for authors of accepted papers

The travel restrictions, at least in Central Europe, are gradually being relaxed, and we have the hope that we will be able to organize Interspeech 2021 in a hybrid format. At the same time, we are aware that many colleagues won´t be able to make it to Brno due to Government regulations, employer restrictions on business travel, or because of family or health issues. Therefore, we are preparing the conference in order to ensure that remote participants have the best possible experience. As was originally announced, the decision 'hybrid vs. fully virtual' will be taken by June 20 based on covering author registrations.

Please mind the following dates:

  • June 15 - Submission of revised papers and registration of author(s) covering the accepted papers. This is a firm deadline and no extension will be granted for any reason.

  • June 10(midnight CET) Travel grant application deadline

  • June 18, Travel grant notifications sent

  • June 20 - Final decision on the format of Interspeech 2021 - hybrid or fully virtual

  • June 25 - Registration of paper presenters

  • June 30 - Paper presentation instructions

  • July 15 - Schedule of papers will be available and instructions for presentation will be published on the Interspeech 2021 website and by email to authors and presenters.

  • August 10 - Submission of videos, eventually other material for Unified virtual sessions. Deadline of Request for Virtual gatherings.

  • August 30 - September 3 - Interspeech 2021

We are sorry for any inconvenience and uncertainty, please stay with us while we´re trying hard to make Interspeech 2021 (in any format) a success. We hope to see you in Brno in August/September!

Hynek Hermanský - General Chair

Honza Cernocký - General Chair


Due to the changes we need to implement, the registration system is temporarily disabled and will reopen on June 8th.



3-1-2(2021-08-30) Interspeech 2021 Brno goes hybrid!

Dear Interspeech participants, dear speech community, 

We are announcing that Interspeech 2021 will take place in HYBRID FORM - the conference will happen both physically in Brno and virtually, giving the opportunity to connect to all of you that won?t be able to make it to Brno. 

May we ask 

  • those of you who have not yet registered, please do not forget the early registration deadline on June 25th. 

  • those of you who change your registration based on this information from virtual to physical, to do so as early as possible, especially in case you are a paper presenter - the session building needs to take this into account. Do this by emailing the conference secretariat at

Let us remind you however that the COVID-19 crisis is not over, and that:

  • It is your responsibility to check that you are allowed to travel to Brno - this includes your country regulations, Czech regulations and your employer rules for business travel and/or reimbursement of costs. 

  • In Brno, we will have to respect the Czech Government COVID regulations, see for example for the current status. While the measures are being gradually relaxed, we need to count on checking COVID-19 tests or vaccinations at the conference, and we might need to wear face-masks when inside. These conditions are dynamically evolving and, as the organizers, we are not in a position to change them. 

Details and instructions for both physical and remote paper presentations will follow soon.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Brno or virtually in August/September!

Hynek He?manský - General Chair  
Honza ?ernocký - General Chair


3-1-3(2021-08-30) Interspeech 2021, Brno, Czechia

ISCA and General chairs message for web and ISCAPad - end January 2021



Dear Interspeech participants, dear speech community, 


While we recognize the challenges for our Shanghai colleagues that had to turn Interspeech 2020 to virtual mode, we were hoping that 2021 would bring improvement on the COVID front and that we would see the speech community physically in Brno, our beloved city. Unfortunately, the situation at the beginning of 2021 is not that positive, with high numbers of new cases, strict Government regulations, lock-downs and actually stopped cross-border travel. We hope the situation will improve as we approach summer, but with the current (slow) progress with vaccination, and travel bans some big companies and Universities have issued, we would be naive to think that our Interspeech will be a “normal” one. 


We have therefore decided to opt for a hybrid Brno Interspeech with a back-up option of fully virtual one


How will it look like ? 

  1. The paper submission and review will proceed as usual, with the deadline of March 26. Despite the restriction, we encourage our community to submit quality papers !


  1. At registration, we will ask participants to select physical or virtual presence at the conference. Both physical and virtual participants will have the same access to the talks and posters at the conference. Of course, we can’t provide the excellent Czech beer to virtual participants... The registration fees for virtual participants will be half of the physical ones, with no penalty for switching from virtual to physical (with surcharge to full physical fee) and very little extra when switching from physical to virtual. More details about conditions will be available on the registration website.


  1. We have cancelled the large BVV conference center and booked a conference Hotel Internationalright in the historical center of Brno. The tutorials will take place (also in hybrid mode) at the Faculty of Information Technology of BUT. Out of the usual 12 parallel sessions. Part will run in hybrid (virtually and physically) and part in only virtual mode. We will do our best that they have the same level of interaction. The selection of papers into hybrid sessions will be based on who comes physically to Brno, we will try to respect the usual topicality of sessions, but might have a bit more overlap than usually. 


  1. As we move forward with Interspeech-2021 logistics, we will continue to stay connected with those organizing ISCA satellite workshops and special events. We look forward to a technically inspiring Interspeech program with complementary workshops. 


  1. The author registration deadline June 15 will be important - in the unfortunate case of having too few participants able/willing to come to Brno, we will have to “pull the emergency brake” and switch Interspeech 2021 to fully virtual. Therefore, we kindly ask everyone to wait with purchase of air-tickets until the decision is done (around June 20). At the same time, we are closely watching  related international events as well as similarly sized events in Czechia to be able to do the most informed decision. 


We are sorry for any inconvenience and uncertainty, please stay with us while we’re trying hard to make Insterspeech 2021 (in any format) a success.  We hope to see you in Brno in August/September !


Hynek Heřmanský - General Chair  

Honza Černocký - General Chair

John H.L. Hansen - ISCA President 

Sebastian Möller - ISCA Conferences 

Margaret Zellers - ISCA Conferences


3-1-4(2022-09-18) Interspeech 2022, Incheon, South Korea

Incheon in South Korea will welcome Interspeech 2022.


3-1-5(2023-08-20) Interspeech 2023, Dublin, Ireland

, ISCA has reached the decision to hold INTERSPEECH-2023 in Dublin, Ireland (Aug. 20-24, 2023)


3-1-6(2024-09-01) Interspeech 2024, Jerusalem, Israel.

 ISCA conference committee has decided Interspeech 2024 will be held in Jerusalem, Israel from

September 1 till September 5.




Now's the time of year that seminar programmes get fixed up.. please direct the attention of whoever organises your seminars to the ISCA INTERNATIONAL VIRTUAL SEMINARS scheme (introduction below). There is now a good choice of speakers:  see


A seminar programme is an important part of the life of a research lab, especially for its research students, but it's difficult for scientists to travel to give talks at the moment. However,  presentations may be given on line and, paradoxically, it is thus possible for labs to engage international speakers who they wouldn't normally be able to afford.

ISCA has set up a pool of speakers prepared to give on-line talks. In this way we can enhance the experience of students working in our field, often in difficult conditions. To find details of the speakers,

  • visit
  • Click Distinguished Lecturers in the left panel
  • Online Seminars then appears beneath Distinguished Lecturers: click that.

Speakers may pre-record their talks if they wish, but they don't have to. It is up to the host lab to contact speakers and make the arrangements. Talks can be state-of-the-art, or tutorials.

If you make use of this scheme and arrange a seminar, please send brief details (lab, speaker, date) to

If you wish to join the scheme as a speaker, we need is a title, a short abstract, a 1 paragraph biopic and contact details. Please send them to

PS. The online seminar scheme  is now up and running, with 7 speakers so far:


Jean-Luc Schwartz, Roger Moore, Martin Cooke, Sakriani Sakti, Thomas Hueber, John Hansen and Karen Livescu.


3-1-8Speech Prosody courses

Dear Speech Prosody SIG Members,

We would like to draw your attention to three upcoming short courses from the Luso-Brazilian Association of Speech Sciences:

- Prosody & Rhythm: applications to teaching rhythm,
  Donna Erickson (Haskins), March 16, 19, 23 and 26

- Prosody, variation and contact,
  Barbara Gili Fivela (University of Salento, Italy), April 19, 21, 23, 26 and 28

- Rhythmic analysis of languages: main challenges,
  Marisa Cruz (University of Lisbon), June 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 and 10

For details:
Plinio Barbosa and Nigel Ward


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