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ISCApad #154

Friday, April 22, 2011 by Chris Wellekens

1 Editorial
Dear members,

I apologize for the late delivery of this April issue. I tried to
complete the task before an absence planned from April 6th and today but
unsuccessfully. The good thing is that late contributions could be
included in this late issue!

This issue is quite rich in new inclusions : new books, new jobs, new
conferences and workshops. I hope you will find in it all the
information you need.

Our president announces two good news concerning the publications of
ISCA that are now accessible in more databases.

May I ask you to participate to the renewal of the ISCA board as asked
in our section ISCA News.

Also I hope excellent papers will compete for the Christian Benoit
award: I knew Christian very well and we had planned to merge his lip
model in our recognizer for Audio visual recognition. He passed away so
young and so quickly....

Emeritus Professor Chris Wellekens

Institut Eurecom

Sophia Antipolis France

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