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ISCApad #231

Sunday, September 10, 2017 by Chris Wellekens

2 ISCA News
2-1Our distinguished lecturers 2017-2018

ISCA Distinguished Lecturers for 2017-2018 are as follows.

For invitations, please take a look at and contact


(1)   Professor Jennifer S. Cole, Linguistics, Northwestern University, USA

  1. Individual differences and attentional effects on cue weighting for prosody perception
  2. Prosodic entrainment and its relation to dialogue conditions
  3. Memory for Prosody


(2)    Professor Laurence Devillers, Artificial Intelligence and Human-Machine Interaction, University of Paris-Sorbonne IV, LIMSI-CNRS, France

  1. Towards social and affective relations with a robot : Joke and Empathy of a Robot/ECA
  2. Affective and social robotics: engagement and evaluation
  3. Affective and social Robotics aligned with Human Values : ethics by design



2-2Videos of Interspeech and ISCA supported conferences
Video archives are available in 
where keynote speeches from IS 2010 can be seen. You will also find video archives 
of many other conferences.

2-3Videos of INTERSPEECH 2016

The videos for the plenary talks at IS2016 are now accessible via where all the videos of previous conferences are also available.

In case of problems, they can also be watched on our the website of the conference


2-4ISCA Online Archive


ISCA Online Archive is now accessible directly from ISCA Web main page.

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