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ISCApad #214

Monday, April 11, 2016 by Chris Wellekens

2 ISCA News
2-1A message from Satoshi Nakamura, responsible for SIGs and DL nominations.

We are pleased to announce the Distinguished Lecturers for 2016-2017:
(1) Prof. Hiroya Fujisaki, Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo, Japan
(2) Professor Valerie Hazan, Professor of Speech Sciences, and Head of the Department of Speech Hearing and Phonetic Sciences, University College London, UK

Satoshi Nakamura

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2-2Grants for students

ISCA wants to support and encourage students and young researchers by providing grants for attending conferences, and by recognizing good research. At each INTERSPEECH, an ISCA award is given to the 3 best student papers presented at the conference, based on anonymous review of the papers and the presentation at the conference.  ISCA also financially supports students and young scientists by providing a limited number of grants for young authors with accepted papers at INTERSPEECH and ISCA supported workshops. The ISCA board member responsible for Grants and Awards is Torbjørn Svendsen. 

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2-3Videos of Interspeech conferences
Video archives are available in 
where keynote speeches from IS 2007, 2010 and 2011 can be seen. Very soon we will have 
the material for IS 2012 as well.
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