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ISCApad #206

Thursday, August 20, 2015 by Chris Wellekens

6-44 (2015-07-20) Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Advanced Digital Sciences Center, Singapore
WHO: Post-Doctoral Researcher wanted
WHY: Massively Multilingual Automatic Speech Recognition
WHERE: Advanced Digital Sciences Center, Singapore
WHEN: September, 2015
Speech input permits people to find data (maps, search, contacts) by talking to their cell phones.  Of the 6700 languages spoken in the world, speech input is available in 40.  Why so few?  The problem is data.  Before it can be used, speech input software must learn a language by studying hundreds of hours of transcribed audio.  In most languages, finding somebody who can transcribe hundreds of hours of audio (somebody who is computer literate, yet has time available to perform this task) is nearly impossible.  Faced with this problem, we proposed a radical solution: solicit transcription from people who don't speak the language.  Non-native listeners make many mistakes.  By building a probabilistic model of their mistakes, we are able to infer correct transcriptions, and thus to train speech technology in any language.
We are seeking a post-doctoral researcher who can scale these algorithms to commercial relevance.  Necessary qualifications include a Ph.D. in speech technology, natural language processing, information theory or machine learning.  Objectives of the research include the derivation, implementation, testing, and publication of new algorithms that train state of the art speech input technologies from probabilistic transcription in the under-resourced languages of southeast Asia.
This is a 20-month post-doctoral research position at the Advanced Digital Sciences Center (ADSC) in Singapore.  The post-doc will work most closely with Dr. Nancy Chen, A*STAR, Singapore, and with Dr. Preethi Jyothi and Prof. Mark Hasegawa-Johnson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  For inquiries contact

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