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ISCApad #206

Thursday, August 20, 2015 by Chris Wellekens

6-11 (2015-04-01) Post-Doctoral Researcher/Early Stage Researcher (PhD Student), University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu Campus
Post-Doctoral Researcher/Early Stage Researcher (PhD Student)

The University of Eastern Finland, UEF, is one of the largest multidisciplinary universities in Finland. We offer education in nearly one hundred major subjects, and are home to approximately 15,000 students and 2,800 members of staff. We operate on three campuses in Joensuu, Kuopio and Savonlinna. In international rankings, we are ranked among the leading 300 universities in the world.

The Faculty of Science and Forestry operates on the Kuopio and Joensuu campuses of the University of Eastern Finland. The mission of the faculty is to carry out internationally recognised scientific research and to offer research-education in the fields of natural sciences and forest sciences. The faculty invests in all of the strategic research areas of the university. The faculty’s environments for research and teaching are international, modern and multidisciplinary.  The faculty has approximately 2,700 Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students and some 450 postgraduate students. The number of staff amounts to 650.

We are now inviting applications for a Post-Doctoral Researcher or an Early Stage Researcher (speech technology) position, School of Computing, Joensuu Campus

The position is filled in a Horizon 2020 funded project focused on SPEAKER RECOGNITION in an access control setting, involving a network of 12 partners from 7 EU countries. The position is filled for the full duration of the project, TWO YEARS, project kick-off being planned for May 2015 (At the time of posting this ad, the grant from the European Commission is awaiting signature and, in formal terms, cannot be taken for confirmed).

The Researcher will work closely with Dr. Kinnunen.

This position is filled up in Joensuu campus – a quiet location surrounded by lakes, forests and friendly people. School of Computing, at the facilities of Joensuu Science Park, provides modern research facilities. Our current speech processing team consists of two seniors, two post-docs and four PhD students, all working in the general areas of speaker and language recognition. We organized the Odyssey 2014 workshop (

The person to be appointed to the Early Stage Researcher position is required to be eligible to pursue doctoral studies and to hold a relevant Master's degree or the person to be appointed to the Post-doctoral position will have a doctoral degree in spoken language technology, electrical engineering, computer science, machine learning or a related field.
The Researcher should be comfortable with Unix/Linux, Matlab/Octave or other modern language (C/C++/Python/etc), with strong hands-on experience and creative problem solving attitude.
The languages of research and teaching at the School of Computing are Finnish and English. 

The position is filled for a fixed term from 1.5.2015 to 30.4.2017.

The salary of the Early Stage position is determined in accordance with the salary system of Finnish universities and is based on levels 2-4 of the job requirement level chart for teaching and research staff (€1 964.69 - 2 452.201 964.69 - 2 452.20/ month) or the salary of the Post-doctoral Researcher is based on level 5 (€ 2 840,64/month). In addition to the job requirement component, the salary includes a personal performance component, which may be a maximum of 46.3% of the job requirement component.

For further information on the position, please contact: Senior Researcher Tomi Kinnunen, email:, Tel. +358 50 442 2647+358 50 442 2647.

A probationary period is applied to all new members of the staff.

The electronic application should contain the following appendices:
- a résumé or CV (
- a list of publications (
- copies of the applicant's academic degree certificates/ diplomas, and copies of certificates / diplomas relating to the applicant’s language proficiency, if not indicated in the academic degree certificates/diplomas
- postgraduate study plan (only Early Stage Researcher)

The application needs to be submitted no later than 20.4.2015 by using the electronic application form.



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