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ISCApad #205

Wednesday, July 08, 2015 by Chris Wellekens

6-47 (2015-06-16) Postdoc / Spontaneous speech recognition and understanding at IMAG (Grenoble-F)

Postdoc / Spontaneous speech recognition and understanding


You will work on a research and development project (CASSIE) involving academic and industrial stakeholders of spoken dialog and assistive technologies. The postdoc objective is to advance the state-of-the-art in spontaneous speech recognition and understanding. More precisely, one application of the project is a chatterbot which assists users to interact with a smart home environment. The heart of the research will be twofold:

-improve/adapt the LIG ASR system to spontaneous speech 

-build probabilistic and/or deep-learning based models for spoken language understanding in the context of assistive technologies.

 For the experimental development and validation, the research will benefit from the fully-equipped LIG smart home (DOMUS).

Start : Fall 2015 (flexible start from Sept to Dec 2015)

Duration : 18 months (postdoc)

Contact : ;

Profiles The applicants must hold a PhD degree in Computational Linguistics, Computing sciences or Cognitive Sciences preferably with experience in the fields of speech processing and/or natural language processing and/or machine learning. Good background in programming will also be required. Experience in using deep learning architectures, word embeddings is a plus.
He/she will also be involved in experimenting the technology with human participants being either French or English speakers. For this reason good English level is required as well as (possibly) a  good command of French. Finally effective communication skills in English, both written and verbal are mandatory.
Location Grenoble is a high-tech city with 4 universities. It is located at the heart of the Alps, in outstanding scientific and natural surroundings. It is 3h by train from Paris ; 2h from Geneva ; 1h from Lyon ; 2h from Torino and is less than 1h from Lyon international airport.
Research Group Website : 
Dates Interviews will be held in July 2015 (until September 2015 if needed). Meetings during Interspeech 2015 in Dresden (Germany) can be also organized.

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