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Wednesday, July 08, 2015 by Chris Wellekens



SLSP 2015

Budapest, Hungary

November 24-26, 2015

Organised by:

Laboratory of Speech Acoustics
Department of Telecommunications and Telematics
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Research Group on Mathematical Linguistics (GRLMC)
Rovira i Virgili University



SLSP is a yearly conference series aimed at promoting and displaying
excellent research on the wide spectrum of statistical methods that are
currently in use in computational language or speech processing. It aims at
attracting contributions from both fields. Though there exist large,
well-known conferences and workshops hosting contributions to any of these
areas, SLSP is a more focused meeting where synergies between subdomains and
people will hopefully happen. In SLSP 2015, significant room will be
reserved to young scholars at the beginning of their career and particular
focus will be put on methodology.


SLSP 2015 will take place in Budapest, on the banks of the Danube and an
extensive UNESCO World Heritage site. The venue will be the Faculty of
Electrical Engineering and Informatics of the Budapest University of
Technology and Economics.


The conference invites submissions discussing the employment of statistical
models (including machine learning) within language and speech processing.
Topics of either theoretical or applied interest include, but are not
limited to:

anaphora and coreference resolution
authorship identification, plagiarism and spam filtering
computer-aided translation
corpora and language resources
data mining and semantic web
information extraction
information retrieval
knowledge representation and ontologies
lexicons and dictionaries
machine translation
multimodal technologies
natural language understanding
neural representation of speech and language
opinion mining and sentiment analysis
part-of-speech tagging
question-answering systems
semantic role labelling
speaker identification and verification
speech and language generation
speech recognition
speech synthesis
speech transcription
spelling correction
spoken dialogue systems
term extraction
text categorisation
text summarisation
user modeling


SLSP 2015 will consist of:

invited talks
peer-reviewed contributions


Xavier Carreras (Xerox Research Centre Europe, Meylan, FR), Low-rank Matrix
Learning for Compositional Objects, Strings and Trees
Sebastian Riedel (University College London, UK), Embedding Probabilistic
Logic for Machine Reading
Steve Young (University of Cambridge, UK), Open-domain Statistical Spoken
Dialogue Systems


Steven Abney (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA)
Roberto Basili (University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy)
Jean-François Bonastre (University of Avignon, France)
Jill Burstein (Educational Testing Service, Princeton, USA)
Nicoletta Calzolari (National Research Council, Pisa, Italy)
Kevin Bretonnel Cohen (University of Colorado, Denver, USA)
W. Bruce Croft (University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA)
Marc Dymetman (Xerox Research Centre Europe, Meylan, France)
Guillaume Gravier (IRISA, Rennes, France)
Kadri Hacioglu (Sensory Inc., Santa Clara, USA)
Udo Hahn (University of Jena, Germany)
Thomas Hain (University of Sheffield, UK)
Mark Hasegawa-Johnson (University of Illinois, Urbana, USA)
Jing Jiang (Singapore Management University, Singapore)
Tracy Holloway King (, Palo Alto, USA)
Sadao Kurohashi (Kyoto University, Japan)
Claudia Leacock (McGraw-Hill Education CTB, Monterey, USA)
Mark Liberman (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA)
Carlos Martín-Vide (Rovira i Virgili University, Tarragona, Spain, chair)
Alessandro Moschitti (University of Trento, Italy)
Jian-Yun Nie (University of Montréal, Canada)
Maria Teresa Pazienza (University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy)
Adam Pease (IPsoft Inc., New York, USA)
Fuchun Peng (Google Inc., Mountain View, USA)
Bhiksha Raj (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA)
Javier Ramírez (University of Granada, Spain)
Paul Rayson (Lancaster University, UK)
Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann (University of Zurich, Switzerland)
Douglas A. Reynolds (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Lexington, USA)
Michael Riley (Google Inc., Mountain View, USA)
Laurent Romary (INRIA, Saclay, France)
Horacio Saggion (Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain)
David Sánchez (Rovira i Virgili University, Tarragona, Spain)
Roser Saurí (Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK)
Stefan Schulz (Medical University of Graz, Austria)
Efstathios Stamatatos (University of the Aegean, Karlovassi, Greece)
Yannis Stylianou (Toshiba Research Europe Ltd., Cambridge, UK)
Maosong Sun (Tsinghua University, Beijing, China)
Tomoki Toda (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)
Yoshimasa Tsuruoka (University of Tokyo, Japan)
Klára Vicsi (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary)
Enrique Vidal (Technical University of Valencia, Spain)
Atro Voutilainen (University of Helsinki, Finland)
Andy Way (Dublin City University, Ireland)
Junichi Yamagishi (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Luke Zettlemoyer (University of Washington, Seattle, USA)
Pierre Zweigenbaum (LIMSI-CNRS, Orsay, France)


Adrian Horia Dediu (Tarragona)
Carlos Martín-Vide (Tarragona, co-chair)
György Szaszák (Budapest)
Klára Vicsi (Budapest, co-chair)
Florentina Lilica Voicu (Tarragona)


Authors are invited to submit non-anonymized papers in English presenting
original and unpublished research. Papers should not exceed 12 single-spaced
pages (including eventual appendices, references, proofs, etc.) and should
be prepared according to the standard format for Springer Verlag's LNCS
series (see

Submissions have to be uploaded to:


A volume of proceedings published by Springer in the LNCS/LNAI series will
be available by the time of the conference.

A special issue of a major journal will be later published containing
peer-reviewed substantially extended versions of some of the papers
contributed to the conference. Submissions to it will be by invitation.


The registration form can be found at:


Paper submission: June 23, 2015 (23:59 CET)
Notification of paper acceptance or rejection: July 28, 2015
Final version of the paper for the LNCS/LNAI proceedings: August 11, 2015
Early registration: August 11, 2015
Late registration: November 10, 2015
Submission to the journal special issue: February 26, 2016



SLSP 2015
Research Group on Mathematical Linguistics (GRLMC)
Rovira i Virgili University
Av. Catalunya, 35
43002 Tarragona, Spain

Phone: +34 977 559 543+34 977 559 543
Fax: +34 977 558 386


Budapesti M?szaki és Gazdaságtudományi Egyetem
Universitat Rovira i Virgili

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