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Wednesday, July 08, 2015 by Chris Wellekens

3-3-42 (2015-10-30) ACM Multimedia 2015 Workshop *Speech, Language and Audio in Multimedia* Brisbane, Australia (date is modified)

 ACM Multimedia 2015 Workshop

         *Speech, Language and Audio in Multimedia*

           30 October 2015, Brisbane, Australia


The third workshop on Speech, Language and Audio in Multimedia (SLAM) aims at bringing
together researchers working in speech, language and audio processing to analyze, index
and access multimedia data. Multimedia data are now available in enormous volumes in a
wide variety of formats and qualities, from professional content to user-generated ones:
Lectures, meetings, interviews, debates, conversational broadcast, podcasts, social
videos on the Web, etc. Such data, along with the associated use scenarios, raise
specific challenges: Robustness facing the high variability in quality; Efficiency to
handle very large amount of data; Semantics shared across modalities; Potentially high
error rates in transcription; etc. Worldwide, several national and international research
projects are focusing on audio and language analysis of multimedia data. Similarly,
various benchmark initiatives have devoted effort to offering tasks related to multimodal
multimedia challenges (e.g., TRECVid, CLEF, MediaEval).

Following SLAM 2013 in Marseille, France, and SLAM 2014 in Pinang, Malaysia, both
collocated with the Interspeech conference, SLAM 2015 moves to the multimedia community.
To make the most of the collocation with ACM Multimedia, the workshop features a
dedicated session to highlight work on multimodality and fusion, at the intersection of
speech, audio, language and computer vision.

SLAM gathers players from the fields of speech and audio processing and of multimedia to
share recent research results, discuss ongoing and future projects, explore potential
areas for interdisciplinary collaboration or sharing or ideas, and develop new
benchmarking initiatives of mutual interest to multimedia and language researchers. We
expect contributions on ongoing research work, project descriptions, evaluation
initiatives, demonstrations and applications emphasizing the speech and/or language
and/or audio contribution to any type of multimedia technology.

As a special focus of SLAM 2015, we particularly welcome contributions on video
hyperlinking, as a case study where the speech and language modalities are complemented
by audio and vision.

*Important dates*

Paper submission deadline        July 10, 2015
Notification of acceptance        August 2, 2015
Camera ready paper                August 10, 2015

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