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Wednesday, July 08, 2015 by Chris Wellekens

3-1-4 (2015-09-06) INTERSPEECH 2015 Special Session on Synergies of Speech and Multimedia Technologies

Call for paper: submission for INTERSPEECH 2015 Special Session on
Synergies of Speech and Multimedia Technologies

Paper submission deadline: March 20, 2015
Special Session page:

Growing amounts of multimedia content is being shared or stored in
online archives. Alternative research directions in the speech
processing and multimedia analysis communities are developing and
improving speech or multimedia processing technologies in parallel,
often using each others work as ?black boxes?. However, genuine
combination would appear to be a better strategy to exploit the
synergies between the modalities of content containing multiple
potential sources of information.

This session seeks to bring together the speech and multimedia research
communities to report on current work and to explore potential synergies
and opportunities for creative research collaborations between speech
and multimedia technologies. From the speech perspective the session
aims to explore how fundamentals of speech technology can be benefit
multimedia applications, and from the multimedia perspective to explore
the crucial role that speech can play in multimedia analysis.

The list of topics of interest includes (but is not limited to):

- Navigation in multimedia content using advanced speech analysis features;
- Large scale speech and video analysis
- Multimedia content segmentation and structuring using audio and visual
- Multimedia content hyperlinking and summarization;
- Natural language processing for multimedia;
- Multimodality-enhanced metadata extraction, e.g. entity extraction,
keyword extraction, etc;
- Generation of descriptive text for multimedia;
- Multimedia applications and services using speech analysis features;
- Affective and behavioural analytics based on multimodal cues;
- Audio event detection and video classification;
- Multimodal speaker identification and clustering.

Important dates:

20 Mar 2015 paper submission deadline
01 Jun 2015 paper notification of acceptance/rejection
10 Jun 2015 paper camera-ready
20 Jun 2015 early registration deadline
6-10 Sept 2015 Interspeech 2015, Dresden, Germany

Submission takes place via the general Interspeech submission
system. Paper contributions must comply to the INTERSPEECH paper
submission guidelines, cf.
There will be no extension to the full paper submission deadline.
We are looking forward to receive your contribution!


- Maria Eskevich, Communications Multimedia Group, EURECOM, France
( <>)
- Robin Aly, Database Management Group, University of Twente, The
Netherlands ( <>)
- Roeland Ordelman, Human Media Interaction Group, University of Twente,
The Netherlands (
- Gareth J.F. Jones, CNGL Centre for Global Intelligent Content, Dublin
City University, Ireland (

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