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Wednesday, July 08, 2015 by Chris Wellekens

3-1-2 INTERSPEECH 2015 Update 1 (December 2014)

Updates from INTERSPEECH 2015

Dear colleague,

Interspeech 2015 in Dresden is approaching at an increasing pace, and the entire team of organizers is trying to ensure that you will get a conference which meets all, and hopefully surpasses some, of your expectations. Regarding the usual program of oral and poster sessions, special sessions and challenges, keynotes, tutorials and satellite workshops, the responsible team is working hard to ensure that you will get a program which is not only of respectable breadth and depth, but which also tackles a couple of innovative topics, some of them centered around the special topic of the conference “Speech beyond speech: Towards a better understanding of our most important biosignal”, some of them also addressing other emergent topics.

We would particularly like to draw your attention to the approaching deadlines:
          30 Nov 2014: Special sessions submission deadline (passed)
          15 Dec 2014: Notification of pre-selected special sessions
          20 Mar 2015: Tutorial submission deadline
          20 Mar 2015: Paper submission deadline (not extensible)
          17 Apr 2015: Show and tell paper submission deadline.

In addition to regular papers, we will also experiment with a virtual attendance format for persons who are – mainly for visa or health reasons – not able to come to Dresden to present their paper. For these persons, a limited number of technology-equipped poster boards will be available where online presentations can be held. The number of virtual attendance slots is strictly limited (thus potentially leading to a lower acceptance rate). The corresponding papers have to pass the normal review process, but the deadline will most probably be around 14 days before the normal paper submission deadline. More details on this format will be announced soon.

In the upcoming months, we will keep you updated via this thread, and we will present some historical instruments and techniques related to speech technology which nicely illustrate that Dresden has a rich history in speech science and technology. Interspeech 2015 will hopefully contribute to this history with the latest scientific and technological advances. The entire organizing team is looking forward to welcoming you in Dresden.

On behalf of the organizing team,

Sebastian Möller (General Chair)

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