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Monday, August 04, 2014 by Chris Wellekens

6-42 (2014-06-12) Postdoc position on conversation summarization, Univ.Aix-Marseille France
Postdoc position on conversation summarization
(Full time, one year - Closing date for applications 2014-07-01)

We are looking for an outstanding research scientist to join the
'SENSEI' european project ( You
will contribute to conversation analysis summarization research to
allow the exploitation of large quantity of comments in social
media and spoken conversations.

Job description:
You will contribute to the design and development of speech and text
summarization technologies for conversational data such as social
media comments and tweets. There will be three components to the
system: linguistic analysis of the conversations, content selection
and aggregation, and generation of the summaries (text or other
media). The approach is expected to make use of recent machine
learning advances such as deep learning, and focus on limiting the
quantity of supervision needed. The prototype will be evaluated by
end-user professionals in ecological conditions.

The applicant must hold a PhD degree, preferably in the field of
natural language processing or machine learning. He/she should:
- Be proficient in one of Java / C++ programming and python or php scripting
- Have experience with developing efficient NLP / machine learning systems.
- Be keen on researching the literature and writing papers
- Enjoy team work and be autonomous

You will work at the LIF computer science lab at Aix-Marseille
University in France, at the Luminy campus next to the

Interviews will be held in July 2014, the Postdoc will start in
september / october 2014 and last one year.

Enquiries and applications should be sent to Benoit Favre:

SENSEI project page:

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