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ISCApad #194

Monday, August 04, 2014 by Chris Wellekens

6-35 (2014-05-18) (W/M) developer position at IRCAM for Large-Scale Audio Indexing

Position:         1 (W/M) developer position at IRCAM for Large-Scale Audio Indexing

Starting:         September 1st, 2014

Duration:       15 months

Deadline for application:    July 1st, 2014


The BeeMusic project aims at providing the description of music for large-scale collections (several millions of music titles). In this project IRCAM is in charge of the development of music content description technologies (automatic recognition of genre or mood, audio fingerprint …) for large-scale music collections.


Position description 201406BMDEV:


For this project IRCAM is looking for a good developer -for the C++ development of the audio content analysis technologies and -the development of the management system for the storage, access and search over distributed data (audio and meta-data). He/she will be also in charge of the development of scalable search algorithms.


Required profile:


*High skill in C++ development (including template-based meta-programming)

*High skill in scalable indexing technologies and distributed framework (hash-table, Hadoop, SOLR)

*High skill in database management systems

*Good Skills in Matlab, Python and Java

*Good knowledge of Linux, Mac OSX and Windows development environment (gcc, Intel and MSVC,


*High productivity, methodical work, excellent programming style.


The developer will collaborate with the project team and participate in the project activities (evaluation of technologies, meetings, specifications, reports).  


Introduction to IRCAM:


IRCAM is a leading non-profit organization associated to Centre Pompidou, dedicated to music production, R&D and education in sound and music technologies. It hosts composers, researchers and students from many countries cooperating in contemporary music production, scientific and applied research. The main topics addressed in its R&D department include acoustics, audio signal processing, computer music, interaction technologies, and musicology. Ircam is located in the center of Paris near the Centre Pompidou, at 1, Place Igor Stravinsky 75004 Paris.




According to background and experience




Please send an application letter with the reference 201406BMDEV together with your resume and any suitable information addressing the above issues preferably by email to: peeters_at_ircam_dot_fr with cc to vinet_at_ircam_dot_fr, roebel_at_ircam_dot_fr.



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