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Monday, August 04, 2014 by Chris Wellekens

6-1 (2014-03-04) Speech Linguistic Project Manager - Google Speech Research, London, UK

Speech Linguistic Project Manager - Google Speech Research

Job title:

Speech Linguistic Project Manager


London, UK

Linguistic Field(s):

  • Phonetics/Phonology

  • Semantics

  • Discourse Analysis

Job description:

Speech Team at Google builds technologies to turn spoken input into
machine understandable format, or written text into spoken output. Our
technology is used to enable voice-based interactions in products like
Google Now, Voice Search, Dictation, Speech-to-Speech Translation,
Google Glass, and more.

a Linguistic Project Manager and a native-level speaker of French, you
will oversee and manage all work related to achieving high data quality
for speech projects in your own language.

will be part of a team based in London, managing a team of Data
Evaluators and working on a number of projects towards Speech research:
ASR, TTS, and NLP.

This includes:

  • training, managing and overseeing the work of your team

  • creating verbalisation rules, such as expanding URLs, email addresses, numbers

  • propose new projects to fulfill research needs for spoken languages around the world

  • creating annotation conventions

  • evaluating data quality

  • providing expertise on pronunciation and phonotactics

  • working with QA tools according to given guidelines and using in-house tools

Job requirements:

  • native-level speaker of French (with good command of the standard dialect) and fluent in English

  • must have attended elementary school in the country where the language is spoken

  • keen ear for phonetic nuances and attention to detail; knowledge of the language’s phonology

  • ability to quickly grasp technical concepts; should have an interest in current speech, mobile and online technology

  • excellent oral and written communication skills

  • good organizational skills

  • previous project management and people management experience

  • previous experience with speech/NLP-related projects a plus

  • advanced degree in Linguistics preferred; experience with Computational Linguistics a plus

  • also a plus: proficiency with HTML, XML, and some programming language; previous experience working in a Linux environment

Project duration: 6-11 months (with potential for extension)

**This is not a permanent position but a contract position.**

immediate consideration, please email your CV and cover letter in
English (PDF format preferred) with 'Speech Linguistic Project Manager
[French]' in the subject line.

Email Address for applications:

Contact information: Ara Kim

Closing date: open until filled

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