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ISCApad #187

Saturday, January 11, 2014 by Chris Wellekens

3-3-22 (2014-06-24) CfP International Conference of young researchers in Language Didactics and Linguistics, Grenoble Fr.


International Conference of young researchers in Language Didactics and Linguistics

Multidisciplinary conference on the study of language


24 juin – 27 juin 2014

LIDILEM laboratory Stendhal University, Grenoble, France

In line with the areas of research of our laboratory, this multidisciplinary conference’s objective is to allow the community of PhD

students and young researchers to submit their research topics in the fields of language, its teaching and or literacy, psychology,

education sciences, ethnology, neurolinguistics, human-machine communication.







Linguistic development






Language didactics,


Natural Language Processing (NLP),


Digital Humanities.



Submission deadline : 15th November 2013 29th November 2013



Announcement of acceptances : March 3rd, 2013


Preliminary program : May, 2014


Reception of final articles : June 2nd, 2014


Conference dates : Tuesday, 24 June (afternoon) to Friday, 27 June 2014


Laurent BESACIER (Université Joseph Fourier de Grenoble, France), Jacqueline BILLIEZ (Université

Stendhal de Grenoble, France), Annette BOUDREAU (Université de Moncton, Canada), Gabrièle BUDACH (University of

Southampton, England) , Cécile CANUT (Université Paris-Descartes, France), Jean-Pierre CHEVROT (Université Stendhal de

Grenoble, France), Jean-Louis CHISS (Université Paris 3, France), Jean-François de PIETRO (Université de Neuchâtel, Institut de

Recherche et de Documentation Pédagogique, Switzerland), Jean-Marc DEWAELE (Birbeck, University of London, England),

Cécile FABRE (ERSS, Université de Toulouse, France), Isabel GONZALEZ REY (Université St Jacques de Compostelle, Spain),

Heather HILTON (Université Paris 8, France), Alexandra JAFFE (California State University Long Beach, United-States), Sophie

KERN (Université de Lyon 3, France), Marinette MATTHEY (Université Stendhal de Grenoble, France), Christophe PARISSE

(Université de Paris 10, France), Ludovic TANGUY (ERSS, Université de Toulouse, France).


The languages used during the conference will be French or English.


This conference addresses only young researchers (PhD students and recent doctors). Abstracts must be in French or in English.

The abstract should not be more than 2 pages long, including references.

Deadline for submission : 15

th November 2013 29th November 2013


For more information refer to the instructions indicated on the conference site:


Presentations and posters of young researchers will follow one another and will be accompanied with plenary conferences of

renowned lecturers and researchers stemming from different disciplinary fields.

Communication in workshops (20 minutes presentation and an additional 10 minutes for discussion).

Presentation of posters.


The abstracts accepted for oral or displayed may be published in the form of articles (8-10 pages) to be submitted before June 2


2014. Articles will be subjected and selected to a proofreading committee with the possibility of being published in the University

Press of Grenoble (PUG) at the beginning of 2015.


For any further information about submissions or registrations, please email to:

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