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Saturday, January 11, 2014 by Chris Wellekens

3-3-28 (2014-08-23) COLING 2014



Dublin, Ireland, 23-29 August, 2014


COLING 2014 (, the 25th International Conference on Computational Linguistics, will be organised by CNGL (Centre for Global Intelligent Content) at the Helix Convention Centre at Dublin City University (DCU) from 23-29 August 2014. The COLING conference is organised under the auspices of the International Committee on Computational Linguistics (ICCL).






The COLING conference has a history that dates back to the 1960s. The conference is held every two years and regularly attracts more than 700 delegates. The 1st conference was held in New York, 1965. Since then, the conference has developed into one of the premier Natural Language Processing conferences world-wide. The last five conferences were held in Geneva (COLING 2004), Sydney (COLING - ACL 2006), Manchester (COLING 2008), Beijing (COLING 2010) and Mumbai (COLING 2012).


COLING covers a broad spectrum of technical areas related to natural language and computation. The conference will include full papers, oral presentations, poster presentations, demonstrations, tutorials, and workshops.








Workshops and Tutorials


Call for Workshop and tutorial proposals 18th October 2013

Workshop and tutorial proposals submission 19th January 2014

Workshop and tutorials notification 26th January 2014




Main Conference


Call for Papers To be announced

Paper submission 21st March 2014

Paper notification 23rd May 2014

Camera-ready paper submission 6th June 2014


Formal publication date for all COLING 2014 papers: 11th August 2014









Program Co-Chairs


Prof. Junichi Tsujii (Microsoft Research, China)

Prof. Jan Hajic (Charles Univ., Czech)




General Chair


Prof. Josef van Genabith (CNGL, DCU, Ireland)




Scientific Advisory Board


Joakim Nivre (Uppsala Univ., Sweden)

Yuji Matsumoto (NAIST, Japan)

Michael Picheny (IBM TJ Watson Research Center, USA)

Donia Scott (Univ. of Sussex, UK)

Chengqing Zong (CAS, China)




Workshop Chairs


Dr. Jennifer Foster (CNGL, DCU, Ireland)

Prof. Dan Gildea (University of Rochester, USA)

Prof. Tim Baldwin (University of Melbourne, Australia)




Tutorial Chairs

Prof. Qun Liu (CNGL, DCU, Ireland)

Prof. Fei Xia (University of Washington, USA)




Demo Chair


Dr. Lamia Tounsi (CNGL, DCU, Ireland)




Sponsorship Chairs


Dr. Sharon O’Brien (SALIS / CNGL, DCU, Ireland)

Prof. Hans Uszkoreit (DFKI, Germany)

Dr. Huaping Zhang (Beijing Institute of Technology, China)




Publicity Chairs


Dr. Dorothy Kenny (SALIS, DCU, Ireland)

Professor Seong-Bae Park (Asian Federation of Natural Language Processing Associations)




Publication Chairs


Dr. Joachim Wagner (CNGL, DCU, Ireland)

Dr. Liadh Kelly (CNGL, DCU, Ireland)

Dr. Lorraine Goeuriot (CNGL, DCU, Ireland)




Local Chair


Dr. Cara Greene (CNGL, DCU, Ireland)



Local Co-Chair


Dr. John Judge (CNGL / NCLT, DCU, Ireland)





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