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Saturday, January 11, 2014 by Chris Wellekens

3-3-14 (2014-05-20) The 7th Speech Prosody Conference, Dublin, Ireland

The 7th Speech Prosody Conference will be held in Dublin, Ireland, May 20-23, 2014, at Trinity College Dublin, directly preceding LREC, the Linguistic Resources and Evaluation Conference.

The special theme is social prosody, but we invite papers addressing any aspect of the science and technology of prosody, speaking styles, and voice quality.  Papers are due December 15th.

Topics of interest include: communicative situation and speaking style, dynamics of register and style, l2 prosody, phonology and phonetics of prosody, pitch accent, prosody and spoken language systems, prosody and the sounds of language, prosody development in first language acquisition, prosody for forensic applications, prosody in face-to-face interaction: audiovisual modeling and analysis, prosody in neurological disorders, prosody in speech synthesis, recognition and understanding; prosody models and theoretical issues, prosody of sign language, prosody of under-resourced languages and dialects; psycholinguistic, cognitive, and neural correlates of prosody; signal processing; voice quality, phonation, and vocal dynamics, and prosodic characteristics of individuals; and as special review areas, the prosody of nonverbal vocalisations, speech-gesture interaction, and joint/choral speech.

More information is available at .

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