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ISCApad #187

Saturday, January 11, 2014 by Chris Wellekens

2-4 Call for Fellow nominations


Dear Members,
Since its introduction in 2007, ISCA's Fellows Program has recognised and honoured 40 outstanding members who have made significant contributions to the field of speech communication science and technology. Nominations are now open for the 2014 ISCA Fellows which will be presented at Interspeech 2014 in Singapore. Any ISCA member can make a nomination. The Board has simplified the nomination form this year which we hope will make nominating easier.

To qualify for this distinction, a candidate must have been an ISCA member for five years or more with a minimum of ten years experience in the field. A Fellow may be recognised by their outstanding technical contributions and/or continued significant service to ISCA. The supporting case for the candidate's nomination should include up to 3 major contributions which have had impact on the speech community and/or society in general. A nomination should be supported by 4 references from ISCA Fellows/Board Members. Current ISCA Board members are not eligible for nomination. Fellow Selection Committee members will avoid writing references  for fellow candidates. The total number selected in any one year will not exceed one-third percent of the total ISCA membership in that year.   

Nominations should be sent to 'fellows_nomination [at]' by February 10. Those who plan to nominate are strongly advised to write brief information on candidates (candidate's name and affiliation) to the above address before January 10 with your names and contacting e-mail address. 

Further information and nomination and reference forms can be found at:

Kate Knill
ISCA Board Member with responsibility for Fellows


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