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Thursday, July 06, 2023 by Chris Wellekens

3-3-33 (2023-10-29?) 6th International Workshop on Multimedia Content Analysis in Sports (MMSports'23) @ ACM Multimedia, Ottawa, Canada

Call for Papers


6th International Workshop on Multimedia Content Analysis in Sports (MMSports'23) @ ACM Multimedia, Oct 29 – Nov 3, 2023, Ottawa, Canada


We'd like to invite you to submit your paper proposals for the 6th International Workshop on Multimedia Content Analysis in Sports to be held in Ottawa, Canada together with ACM Multimedia 2023. The ambition of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners from many different disciplines to share ideas and methods on current multimedia/multimodal content analysis research in sports. We welcome multimodal-based research contributions as well as best-practice contributions focusing on the following (and similar, but not limited to) topics:

- annotation and indexing in sports

- tracking people/ athlete and objects in sports

- activity recognition, classification, and evaluation in sports

- 3D scene and motion reconstruction in sports

- event detection and indexing in sports

- performance assessment in sports

- injury analysis and prevention in sports

- data driven analysis in sports

- graphical augmentation and visualization in sports

- automated training assistance in sports

- camera pose and motion tracking in sports

- brave new ideas / extraordinary multimodal solutions in sports

- personal virtual (home) trainers/coaches in sports

- datasets in sports

- graphical effects in sports

- alternative sensing in sports (beyond the visible spectrum)

- multimodal perception in sports

- exploiting physical knowledge in learning systems for sports

- sports knowledge discovery

- narrative generation and narrative analysis in sports

- mobile sports application

- multimedia in sports beyond video, including 3D data and sensor data


Submissions can be of varying length from 4 to 8 pages, plus additional pages for the reference pages. There is no distinction between long and short papers, but the authors may themselves decide on the appropriate length of their paper. All papers will undergo the same review process and review period.


Please refer to the workshop website for further information:



Submission Due:                           14 July 2023 

Acceptance Notification:             30 July 2023

Camera Ready Submission:         12 August 2023 

Workshop Date:                            TBA; either Oct 29, 30 or Nov 2, 2023





This year again, MMSports carries out a competition where participants can compete on state-of-the-art problems applied to real-world sport specific data. The competition is made of individual challenges, each of which is sponsored by SportRadar with a US$1,000.00 prize. Each challenge comes with a toolkit describing the task, the dataset and metrics on which participants will be evaluated. This year, the second edition has 3 challenges: 2 on basketball and 1 on cricket! More information on the challenges can be found at


ACM MMSports’23 Chairs: Thomas Moeslund, Rainer Lienhart and Hideo Saito


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