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ISCApad #301

Thursday, July 06, 2023 by Chris Wellekens

6-10 (2023-01-30) Vacancy for a university professor in computer science at Bordeaux INP, France
Call for applications:
- Research in computer music in the image and sound department of the LaBRI ( and at SCRIME (
- Teaching at ENSEIRB-MATMECA ( in the computer science department
- Schedule: applications between February 23 2023, and March 30 2023, start September 2023
- More information :
Applicants must propose a research project that fits within the image and sound department of the LaBRI to work in particular with the Sound and Music Modeling group, and create links with the Manao team and the Analysis and Indexing group. Candidates must also propose a project for the SCRIME research platform (Studio de Recherche et de Création en Informatique et Musiques Expérimentales) following the departure of the current director. The research area is computer music (sound and music computation, musical interaction). The candidates must be involved in at least one of the following themes:
- computer processing of music and sound: analysis, transformation and generation of music and sound, including environmental sounds and soundtracks of ecological videos, by computational approaches (algorithms, signal processing, learning) in all dimensions of music and sound (timbre, pitch, dynamics and spatialization).
- Sound and music interaction: designing new Interfaces between users and computers to create new means of musical expression, through the design of virtual/mixed/augmented sound reality systems, and new models of musical scores and instruments, through interaction with images and other media, and through the use of sound as a means of information.
- understanding and modeling of sound and music: music information retrieval, computational musicology, computational approaches to music cognition, formal models and languages for music (time and space of sound and music parameters)
- design of new tools for sound and music creation, performance and pedagogy: development of tools to assist sound design and music composition, scenarization, sonification, spatialization (includes algorithmic composition, especially by learning techniques), includes research of software architectures and languages combining micro (sound) and macro (musical form) levels, frugality of computations and transfers of sound and music data, minimization of sound transmission delay, formal specifications for tool preservation.

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