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Thursday, July 06, 2023 by Chris Wellekens

6-6 (2023-01-16) Research Fellow Chairs @MIAI,Grenoble Interdisciplinary Institute, France



MIAI, the Grenoble Interdisciplinary Institute in Artificial Intelligence (, is opening three research fellow chairs in AI reserved to persons who have spent most of their research career outside France (see below). MIAI is one of the four AI institutes created by the French government and is dedicated to AI for the human beings and the environment. Research activities in MIAI aim to cover all aspects of AI and applications of AI with a current focus on embedded and hardware architectures for AI, learning and reasoning, perception and interaction, AI & society, AI for health, AI for environment & energy, and AI for industry 4.0.


These research fellow chairs aim to to address important and ambitious research problems in AI-related fields and will partly pave the way for the future research to be conducted in MIAI. Successful candidates will be appointed by MIAI and will be allocated, for the whole duration of the chair, a budget of 250k€ covering PhD and/or postdoc salaries, internships, travels, … They will be part of MIAI and the French network of AI institutes (comprising, in addition to MIAI, the AI institutes in Paris, Toulouse and Nice) which provide a very dynamic environment for conducting research in AI.


Eligibility To be eligible, candidates must hold a PhD from a non-French university obtained after January 2014 for male applicants and after 2014-n, where n is the number of children, for female applicants. They must also have spent more than two thirds of their research career since the beginning of their PhD outside France. Lastly, they should be pursuing internationally recognized research in AI-related fields (including applications of AI to any research field). 

To apply Interested candidates should first contact Eric Gaussier ( to discuss salary and application modalities. It is important to note that candidates should identify a local collaborator working in one of the Grenoble academic research labs with whom they will interact. If selected, they will join the research team of this collaborator. They should then send their application to Manel Boumegoura ( and Eric Gaussier (eric.gaussier@univ-grenoble-alpes.frby March 11, 2023. Each application should comprise a 2-page CV, a complete list of publications, 2 reference letters, a letter from the local collaborator indicating the relevance and importance of the proposed project, and a 4-page description of the research project which can target any topic of AI or applications of AI. It is important to emphasize, in the description, the ambition, the originality and the potential impact of the research to be conducted, as well as the collaborations the candidate has or will develop with Grenoble researchers in order to achieve her or his research goals.

Starting date and duration Each chair is intended for 3 to 4 years, starting no later than September 2023.

Location The work will take place in Grenoble, in the research lab of the identified collaborator.

For any question, please contact Eric Gaussier ( or Manel Boumegoura (



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