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ISCApad #301

Thursday, July 06, 2023 by Chris Wellekens

3-3-7 (2023-08-20) Special session at Interspeech 2023 on DIarization of SPeaker and LAnguage in Conversational Environments [DISPLACE] Challenge.

We would like to bring to your notice the launch of the special session at Interspeech 2023 on DIarization of SPeaker and LAnguage in Conversational Environments [DISPLACE] Challenge.  


The DISPLACE challenge entails a first of kind task to perform speaker and language diarization on the same data, as the data contains multi-speaker social conversations in multilingual code-mixed speech. In multilingual communities, social conversations frequently involve code-mixed and code-switched speech. In such cases, various speech processing systems need to perform the speaker and language segmentation before any downstream task. The current speaker diarization systems are not equipped to handle multi-lingual conversations, while the language recognition systems may not be able to handle the same talker speaking in multiple languages within the same recording. 

With this motivation, the DISPLACE challenge attempts to benchmark and improve Speaker Diarization (SD) in multilingual settings and Language Diarization (LD) in multi-speaker settings, using the same underlying dataset. For this challenge, a natural multi-lingual, multi-speaker conversational dataset will be distributed for development and evaluation purposes. There will be no training data given and the participants will be free to use any resource for training the models. The challenge reflects the theme of Interspeech 2023 - 'Inclusive Spoken Language Science and Technology – Breaking Down Barriersin its true sense.  


Registrations are open for this challenge which will contain two tracks - a) Speaker diarization track and b) Language diarization track. 


A baseline system and an open leaderboard is available to the participants. The DISPLACE challenge is split into two phases, where the first phase is linked to the Interspeech paper submission deadline, while the second phase aligns with the camera ready submission deadline. For more details, dates and to register, kindly visit the DISPLACE challenge website:


We look forward to your team challenging to 'displace' the state-of-the-art in speaker, language diarization. 


Thank you and Namaste,

The DISPLACE team 







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