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Thursday, July 06, 2023 by Chris Wellekens

3-3-3 (2024-05-13) 13th International Seminar on Speech Production, Autrans, France
13th International Seminar on Speech Production, 13-17 May 2024, in Autrans, France
It is time for the next International Seminar on Speech Production.
After the launch in 1988 in Grenoble, followed by in Leeds (1990), Old Saybrook (1993), Autrans (1996), Kloster Seeon (2000), Sydney (2003), Ubatatuba (2006), Strasbourg (2008), Montreal (2011), Cologne (2014), Tianjin (2017) and virtually in in 2020, the 13th ISSP will come back (close) to Grenoble.
After a very successful virtual ISSP in 2020 (Haskins Labs), we are ready again for an in-person meeting in a very beautiful location in the mountains of Autrans (of course we will provide an option to attend virtually).
Take your calendars and mark the 13-17 May 2024 for the 13th International Seminar on Speech Production co-organized by several laboratories in France
More information including the website and important dates will be provided soon.
We are looking forward to meeting you in Autrans in 2024!
The organizing committee, Cécile Fougeron & Pascal Perrier together with Jalal Al-Tamimi, Pierre Baraduc, Véronique Boulanger, Mélanie Canault, Maëva Garnier, Anne Hermes, Fabrice Hirsch, Leonardo Lancia, Yves Laprie, Yohann Meynadier, Slim Ouni, Rudolph Sock, Béatrice Vaxelaire
Follow us on twitter @issp2024!


. Maître de Conférences HDR en Phonétique
. Responsable du DU de Phonétique Appliquée à la Langue Française (DUPALF)

Laboratoire de Phonétique et Phonologie UMR 7018 (LPP)
Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, département Institut de Linguistique et de Phonétique Générales et Appliquées (ILPGA)

. 4, rue des Irlandais, 75005 PARIS (Laboratoire)  
. 8, Avenue de Saint Mandé, 75012, PARIS (Université)

The next 
International Seminar on Speech Production (ISSP2024) will be organized in less than a year, from May 13 to May 17 2024, in Autrans, France, supported by several laboratories in France working within speech production research. Topics of interest for this conference cover different aspects of speech production, including articulation, acoustics, neural substrates, motor control, disorders, and their links to perception, communication, development and language.



We are delighted to announce that the conference will be organized around 6 keynotes illustrating the diversity of research topics in - and out of - the field of Speech Production: María Florencia Assaneo (UNAM, Mexico), Adrien Meguerditchian (Aix-Marseille U., France), Doris Mücke (U. of Cologne, Germany), Caroline Niziolek (U. Wisconsin-Madison, USA), Sophie Scott (UCL, UK), Jason Shaw (Yale U., USA).



December 15, 2023 2-page abstract submission deadline

February 1, 2024 Notification of acceptance

April 15, 2024 optional full 4-page paper submission deadline

May 13-17, 2024 ISSP2024 in Autrans, France


For updated information on our invited speakers, on the scientific and organizing committee, and more practical information, please visit regularly our conference website: and follow us on Twitter @issp2024!




In the spirit of most editions of the conference, we have chosen to have a unity of place for the scientific exchanges and accommodation, and this will be in a conference center in the mountains near Grenoble.

Although we prefer all participants to be on-site during the conference, we are considering the possibility to organize it in a hybrid mode. Thus, could you answer as soon as possible the survey (if you plan to attend on-site or if you plan to attend remotely). This gives us a better idea of how we will proceed:


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