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ISCApad #292

Wednesday, October 05, 2022 by Chris Wellekens

6-1 (2022-05-06) PhD students, Postdoctoral Researchers and R&D Engineers at Telecom Paris, Palaiseau, France

We have multiple openings for PhD studentsPostdoctoral Researchers and R&D Engineers at Télécom Paris, Institut polytechnique de Paris, in the “Signal, Statistics and Learning (S2A) team. 


All positions are located at Telecom Paris, 19 place Marguerite Perey, 91120 Palaiseau, France.


Start of the positions: October/November 2022 (for PhDs/Engineer), January 2023 for PostDoc



The positions will be a part of the ERC Advanced (2022) – HI-Audio (Hybrid and Interpretable Deep neural audio machines) project, which aims at building hybrid deep approaches combining parameter-efficient and interpretable models with modern resource-efficient deep neural architectures with applications in speech/audio scene analysis, music information retrieval and sound transformation and synthesis.


The potential topics include (and are not limited to):

- Deep generative models, adversarial learning

- Attention-based models and curriculum learning

- Statistical/deterministic audio models (signal models, sound propagation models,…)

- Music Information Retrieval software platform development (R&D Engineer position)



Candidate Profile: 

- For the Phd positions: A masters degree in applied mathematics, datascience/computer science or speech/audio/music processing is required.

- For the Postdoc position: PhD degree and publications in theory or applications of machine learning, generative modelling, discrete optimal transport or signal processing, ideally with applications to Speech/Audio/Music signals.

- Master internship positions will also be open in early 2023.


Télécom Paris, and the S2A  team:


The S2A team gathers 18 permanent faculties covering a wide variety of research topics including Statistics, Probabilistic modeling, Machine learning, Data science, Audio and social signal processing. On the overall, Télécom Paris’ research counts 19 research teams and covers various domains in computer science and networks, applied mathematics, electronics, image, data, signals and economic and social sciences. Télécom Paris ( is a member of IMT (Institut Mines-Télécom), and is a founding member of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris (IP Paris,, a world-class scientific and technological institution which is a partnership between five prestigious French engineering schools  with HEC as a key partner.


- There is no specific deadline. Applications are welcome until all positions are filled.

- In the application, please send a resume, a motivation letter (and full transcript grades for Phd/Engineer positions) to Gaël Richard, At least one reference letter will be asked in a second step.


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