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ISCApad #283

Monday, January 10, 2022 by Chris Wellekens

2-23 Videos at Interspeech 2021

The video recordings of Interspeech 2021 were processed and are currently being uploaded online. You can find all the videos at  categorized into sections, full text search, abstracts and links to the ISCA Archive. All the videos are also being uploaded on Youtube - It will take some time so be patient please.

Regarding the video publication, we got 608 accepted agreements and 43 refused of over 1033 papers published in total at INTERSPEECH 2021. Only videos for which the authors agreed on publication are published. If you have any concern or you want to remove your video from Superlectures and Youtube platforms, please contact us on email.

There are over 138 hours of videos in 112 categories. The main portion of the videos are oral talks (222) and the 3-minute papers introductory videos.

Igor Szoke
BUT Speech@FIT

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