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ISCApad #283

Monday, January 10, 2022 by Chris Wellekens

2-3 SProSIG

Beyond words, the prosody of speech is a important channel in human-to-human communication.  Among other functions, it reinforces lexical and syntactic information, conveys paralinguistic information, and supports pragmatic functions such as turn taking, topic organization, the expression of stance, and the management of interpersonal relations. With advances in the core technologies of speech recognition and speech synthesis, the ability to effectively process prosodic information is increasingly critical for the development of truly effective human-machine dialogue systems.


The Speech Prosody special interest group (SproSIG) was recognized as an official ISCA SIG in 2000.  Since then we have held the flagship Speech Prosody conference every two years, with Speech Prosody 11

upcoming in Lisbon this May.  Typically attracting over 300 attendees, this covers all areas of prosody: scientific, descriptive, and applied.  Beyond speech synthesis and other engineering applications, topics include linguistic theory, psycholinguistics, language education, forensic science, medical science, and sociolinguistics.  The SIG has also sponsored or endorsed other conferences, notably Tone and Intonation, and other workshops and events.


Call for Participation: We welcome participation in Speech Prosody 2022 in Lisbon, and encourage all to join our low volume mailing list, following the links and instructions at


The officers of SProSIG: Plinio Barbosa, Aoju Chen, Hongwei Ding, Martine Grice, Nigel Ward (Chair)

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