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ISCApad #283

Monday, January 10, 2022 by Chris Wellekens

6-12 (2021-09-23) Young researchers in NLP at L3i, La Rochelle, France

Cross-lingual and cross-domain terminology alignment

Interested in joining a young NLP group of 10+ people located in a historical town by the Atlantic Ocean? And walk 10 minutes from the lab to the beach. We have open positions in the context of 2 ongoing Horizon 2020 projects: Embeddia and NewsEye as well as related projects. In 2020-2021, we have among others published long papers in CORE A* and A conferences ACL, JCDL, CoNLL, ICDAR, COLING, ICADL, etc.  

Location: L3i laboratory, La Rochelle, France

Duration: 2 years (1+1), with possible further extension

Net salary range: 2100?-2300 ? monthly

Context: H2020 Embeddia project and regional project Termitrad

Start: 1 January 2022


Keywords: terminology alignment, cross-lingual word embeddings, named-entity recognition and linking, deep/machine learning, statistical NLP, (text) mining.

Applications are invited for a postdoctoral researcher position around the topic of project Termitrad: keyword and terminology alignment 1) across languages and 2) across domains. In short, the overall objective of the project is to improve the relevance of the keywords describing research papers (and, time allowing, the quality of abstracts). One the one hand (cross-lingual alignment), we will rely on a corpora of journal articles with both French and English keywords and abstracts, both in as written by authors and in versions curated by experts. On the other hand (crossdomain alignment), we will work with use cases provided by researchers from different fields using different terms to describe similar concepts.


To address this very project, the project team will consist of senior staff, 2 post-doctoral researchers and 2-3 PhD students, one of which is jointly supervised in the Józef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, coordinator of H2020 Embeddia. In this context, you will first be in charge of building a state of the art of existing related approaches, tools and resources, then to conduct further research and experiments, as well as participate in the supervision of PhD students.

Who we search for:

-       PhD in statistical NLP, IR, or ML, ideally with further postdoctoral experience

-       proven record of high-level publications in one or more of those fields

-       fluency in written and spoken English (French language skills are irrelevant)


Applications including a CV and a one-page research statement discussing how the candidate's background fits requirements and topic are to be sent to by email to, strictly with the subject 'Embeddia/Termitrad postdoc application'.

Application deadline: 13 October 2021.

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