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ISCApad #283

Monday, January 10, 2022 by Chris Wellekens

6-9 (2021-09-15) Senior-level research scientist at Facebook
Facebook Reality Labs Research is seeking a senior-level research scientist in affective and behavioral computing to help craft the human-centered AR computing platform of the future. The role will involve:
? Developing and executing a cutting-edge research program with interdisciplinary collaborators aimed at developing closed-loop optimal assistance for human activities that draw heavily from ?internal? affective/emotive/cognitive contextual states;
? Developing tasks, data-collection strategies, modeling approaches, and evaluation criteria to deliver on research program objectives, with a particular focus on approaches that leverage wearable devices with multimodal biosensors;
? Working collaboratively with other research scientists to develop novel solutions and models in service of contextualized AI for augmented reality; and
? Mentoring MS/PhD interns and postdocs and collaborate closely with cross-organizational collaborators and external academic groups to advance our research objectives.
The complete job description can be accessed here:

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