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ISCApad #283

Monday, January 10, 2022 by Chris Wellekens

2-15 Reminder ISCA International virtual seminars


Now's the time of year to start organising your seminar programme for the coming academic year.

Don't forget that ISCA has recruited 17 leading researchers in Speech Communication prepared to give seminars on line.

For instance, Gustav Henter of KTH Stockholm comments:

As the person responsible for seminars at the Division of Speech, Music and Hearing (TMH) at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, in Stockholm, Sweden, I would like to thank you for the excellent initiative to set up ISCA international virtual seminars during the pandemic. Thus far our division has made use of this scheme on three occasions:  The idea to invite distinguished speakers virtually has been widely appreciated by the department. It is likely that we may schedule further virtual seminar from your pool for our autumn semester seminars as well.

For details, follow the entry Online Seminars in the left menu on the ISCA home page,



Professor Phil Green
Computer Science
University of Sheffield

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