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ISCApad #283

Monday, January 10, 2022 by Chris Wellekens

3-2-2 (2022-05-23) Speech Prosody 2022, Lisbon, Portugal

 The Speech Prosody 2022 website is now live, at ,?
with the Call for Papers and information on the venue, etc. 

Dear Speech Prosody SIG members,


The organizers have chosen the Special Sessions for Speech Prosody 2022, as follows:  


  • Digital prosodic typology: Machine learning in prosodic typological analysis
  • Measuring, modeling, and training of speaking styles
  • Musical power: The effect of musicality on prosodic development
  • Prosodic marking of information structure in child language: Prosody and beyond
  • Timing and rhythm across languages
  • How prosody bootstraps grammar and the lexicon: A cross-linguistic perspective


For details,  .


Nigel Ward, SProSIG Chair



The deadline for abstract and full paper submission to Speech Prosody 2022 has been extended.



New deadline for Submission of title, author info and 200-word abstract - **8 November**


New deadline for Full paper submission - **19 November**



The Speech Prosody 2022 web site now includes information on the SP 2022 tutorials, workshop and satellite meeting, listed below:












Gradience in intonation: GRIN




Satellite meeting


2nd International Seminar on the Foundations of Speech (SEFOS II) 2022 - Theme: Articulation and Prosody: Between Interface and Integration





Looking forward to seeing you all in Lisbon,



Sónia Frota
Professora catedrática Professor
Coordenadora Científica - CLUL | Scientific Coordinator - CLUL
Centro de Linguística da Universidade de Lisboa Center of Linguistics of the University of Lisbon (CLUL) 



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