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ISCApad #277

Saturday, July 10, 2021 by Chris Wellekens

6-27 (2021-06-02) Rand D engineer at Telepathy Labs, Zurich, Switzerland

ASR Research and Development Engineer, Speech

To strengthen our Research and Development (R&D) organization, innovate and

improve our Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) products , we need

experienced software engineers with specific skills focused on ASR. You will be

working with the ASR research and development team, and the position will be

based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Principal responsibilities

* Work together within ASR R&D team to strengthen and extend the quality and the

functionality of the existing core engine algorithm and framework.

* Document and communicate effectively the design and implementation proposals, and

the intermediate and final development results in team internal meetings, and in wider

R&D or divisional meetings, when requested.

* Define and implement test cases and metrics processes aimed at qualifying the new

developments within the team adopted sw development and testing processes.

* Follow adopted industry standards and agile development models in place, plus be

ready to accommodate rapid customer driven specification changes.

Knowledge, Skills and Qualifications:

Years of Work Experience: 3 years of professional experience are required



The successful candidate is a team player and a fast learner with an

analytical mindset and a pragmatic approach to problem solving.

Knowledge of main ASR softwares, DSP theory, feature extraction etc.

Actual experience within ASR research and development teams.

Experience with ASR open source Toolsets such as Kaldi, Sphynx, HTK,

Fairseq, NeMo and other Pytorch / Tensorflow based libraries.

Experience with high level programming languages such as C, C++, Java.

Experience with distributed version control systems (e.g. Git).

Working knowledge of Linux Operating system.

Excellent oral and written communication skills in English.



Experience with LSTM and/or Attention Neural Networks and other

Deep Learning approaches as applied to ASR domain.

Knowledge of embedded software programming in C/C++.

Experience with continuous integration and delivery processes.

Experience with scripting languages such as Python, Perl, etc.

Experience in software development preferably in embedded/small

resource software system design and development.

Education: Minimum : MSc in computer science, or equivalent

Desirable : PhD degree in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence,

Machine Learning, Speech Science.

Work Permit: Permit to work in Switzerland (EU-28 or equivalent) required.

Contact: Pierre-Edouard Honnet

Vijeta Avijeet

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