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Thursday, September 10, 2020 by Chris Wellekens

3-3-37 (2021-01-17) Advanced Language Processing School (ALPS), Autrans (Grenoble Area), France

FINAL CALL FOR APPLICATION for the Advanced Language Processing (Winter) Schoool (see more details below)

If you would like to participate, the final application deadline is Sept 6th. This is happening either virtually or physically, tbc in October together with acceptance notification


Advanced Language Processing School (ALPS)
January, 17-22 2021
Autrans (Grenoble area) - France

We are opening the registration for the first Advanced Language Processing School (ALPS) in Grenoble, co-organized by University Grenoble Alpes and Naver Labs Europe.

*Target Audience*
This is a winter school covering advanced topics in NLP, and we are primarily targeting doctoral students and advanced (research) masters. A few slots will also be reserved for academics and persons working in research-heavy positions in industry.

This winter school aims to provide talks of renowned NLP researchers, as well as creating an ideal environment to foster collaborations

The speakers are:
 - Isabelle Augenstein: _Interpretability and Explainability for NLP_
 - Tim Baldwin: _Natural Language Processing for User Generated Content_
 - Kyunghyun Cho: _Neural Sequence Modeling: Learning and Inference_
 - Yejin Choi: _Neural Commonsense Knowledge and Reasoning_
 - Grzegorz Chrupa?a: _Visually Grounded Models of Spoken Language and their Analysis_
 - Claire Gardent: _Neural approaches to Natural Language Generation_
 - Sanjeev Khudanpur: _Recent Advances in Automatic Speech Recognition (TBC)_

In addition to the talks, an important aspect of this school is the interaction between participants. The registration fee covers full board in a residence close to a ski resort, and some of the afternoons there will be organised social activities.
In view of the current public health situation, we are preparing to hold the event virtually in case it will not be possible to do so physically in January. Registration fees will be adapted in that case.

To apply to this winter school, please follow the instructions at . The deadline for applying is July 31st, and we will notify acceptance in September


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