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ISCApad #267

Thursday, September 10, 2020 by Chris Wellekens

4-3 Speech research and COVID 19 at the Indian Institute or Science, Bangalore
This project, named ''Coswara'' (, attempts to provide a simple tool for diagnostics of Covid-19 based on respiratory, cough and speech sounds. As most of the major symptoms of the disease include respiratory problems, the proposed project aims to detect and quantify the biomarkers of the disease in the acoustics of these sounds. The project requires the participants to perform a recording of breathing sounds, cough sounds, sustained phonation of vowel sounds and a counting exercise. The entire response requires about 5 minutes of recording time. Along with these recordings, the tool also records patient's health status (without any personally identifiable information) as well as age, gender and location. The audio dataset collected will be released for researchers across the world to develop a potential diagnostic tool using signal processing and machine learning methods. The project is in the data collection stage and will go through an experimental validation before the full approval as a potential diagnostic tool. Given the highly simplistic and cost effective nature of the tool, we hypothesize that, even a partial success success for the tool would enable a massive deployment as a first line of diagnostic tool for the pandemic. The project is not aimed to replace the chemical testing or the imaging methods but to merely supplement those with a cost effective, fast and simple technique.  
The webpage for data collection is here.  

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