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ISCApad #267

Thursday, September 10, 2020 by Chris Wellekens

3-3-7 (2020-10-?) The VoicePrivacy2020 Challenge Evaluation Plan

The VoicePrivacy 2020 Challenge Evaluation Plan is available on the website: VoicePrivacy initiative Challenge is spearheading the effort to develop privacy preservation solutions for speech technology. It aims to gather a new community to define the task and metrics and to benchmark initial solutions using common datasets, protocols and metrics. VoicePrivacy takes the form of a competitive challenge. The challenge is to develop anonymization solutions which suppress personally identifiable information contained within speech signals. At the same time, solutions should preserve linguistic content and speech quality/naturalness. The challenge will conclude with a session/event held in conjunction with Interspeech 2020 at which challenge results will be made publicly available.

Please find more information about on the challenge website:



Participants/teams are requested to register for the evaluation. Registration should be performed once only for each participating entity and by sending an email to:
with ?VoicePrivacy 2020 registration? as the subject line. The mail body should include: (i) the name of the team; (ii) the name of the contact person; (iii) their country; (iv) their status (academic/nonacademic).


Participants are encouraged to subscribe to the VoicePrivacy 2020 mailing list by sending an email to: with ?subscribe 2020? as the subject line. Successful registrations are confirmed by return email.

To post messages to the mailing list itself, emails should be addressed to:

Best regards,

The VoicePrivacy 2020 Challenge Organizers,

Jean-François Bonastre - University of Avignon - LIA, France
Nicholas Evans - EURECOM, France
Fuming Fang - NII, Japan
Andreas Nautsch - EURECOM, France
Paul-Gauthier Noé - University of Avignon - LIA, France
Jose Patino - EURECOM, France
Md Sahidullah - Inria, France
Brij Mohan Lal Srivastava - Inria, France
Natalia Tomashenko - University of Avignon - LIA, France
Massimiliano Todisco - EURECOM, France
Emmanuel Vincent - Inria, France
Xin Wang - NII, Japan
Junichi Yamagishi - NII, Japan and University of Edinburgh, UK

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